SchwartzReport: Brain Imaging Reveals Specific Thoughts — Robotics and 3D Printing Startle China — Other than Eugenics Club, No One Thinking About Future of Humanity

Commercial Intelligence

schwartz reportThis is both exciting and wonderful, it could be of enormous significance in medicine, and in near death experience research to cite just two areas. It could also be deeply alarming, because the shadow of this research is the thought police. You wouldn't be safe even inside your own head. Once again science and technology outstrip ethics and law. It is our curse.

Mental Picture of Others Can Be Seen Using FMRI, Finds New Study
SYL KACAPYR – Cornell University

This is a conservative, but brilliant analysis of several of the trends I have covered in SR. I agree with all of this except for the energy sector section, which I think is quite wrong. They do not properly take into account the quickening transition to noncarbon energy; and they make no mention at all of climate change, and its effects.

The net-net here though is an emerging trend of massive importance: How do we structure a society where human labor is rendered irrelevant by robotics? If profit remains our only essential priority, disaster will follow. Wellness must become our first priority if we are to survive and prosper.

China Robots Signal US Challenge
JOSHUA JACOBS and EFTYCHIS MOURGINAKIS, Founding Members – The Conservative Future Project – Asia Times (Hong Kong)

Phi Beta Iota:  Outside of the New Age and Integral Consciousness movements, both sidelined by the phantom wealth of the 1%, no one is thinking about the future of humanity as humanity.  Intelligence with Integrity is what humanity does.  It is an absolute certainty that if the world moves toward excessive reliance on robotics, not only will knowledge be lost that will eventually break down the automated process, but there will be no thought given to true cost economics, the triple bottom line, and so on.  We desperately need a Horison College approach to the future.

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