SchwartzReport: US GMO Food is Mega-TOXIC

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schwartz reportThe Great Experiment: Genetically Modified Organisms, Scientific Integrity, and National Wellness
STEPHAN A. SCHWARTZ, Columnist – Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing

In September 2012, pictures of seriously tumorous rats (Figure 1) went viral across the Internet, setting off passionate and acrimonious exchanges between proponents and opponents of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Charges and countercharges flew like verbal grapeshot across the various levels of the digital world and scientific media as each side tried to spin what these photos meant.

‘GMOs may be creating an entire generation of cancer victims who have a frighteningly heightened risk of growing massive mammary gland tumors caused by the consumption of GM foods. We are witnessing what may turn out to be the worst and most costly blunder in the history of western science: the mass poisoning of billions of people with a toxic food crop that was never properly tested in the first place,” wrote Mike Adams, an award-winning journalist specializing in health issues, in Op-Ed News.1

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The evidence against GMO just keeps piling up. This new research was just published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Common GMO Crops Approaching Inevitable Failure? Flawed Assumptions Behind Multi-Toxin Biotech Crops, Researchers Warn


SchwartzReport: Respecting Climate Change, Fraudulent Geo-Engineering

03 Environmental Degradation

schwartz reportI take this to be very good news. Despite the well-financed disinformation campaign designed and paid for by carbon energy interests, and the craven failure of the U.S. Congress to address the issue, personal experience, and conversations with friends and neighbors appears to have overcome the miasma of false information to produce a growing national consensus that climate change, extreme weather, and sea rise are real.

Now if we can just elect replacements for the Congressional buffoons, perhaps something meaningful can finally be done to prepare us for what is coming.

Americans Back Preparation for Extreme Weather and Sea-Level Rise
Science Daily

. . . . . . . . . .

In my view geoengineering is a lot like Fracking. The companies who support and practice these technologies think they know what they are doing but, in fact, their understanding is simplistic and partial at best. As a result there are always unintended consequences that they did not anticipate or understand. In this case the result could be catastrophic.

Clive Hamilton professor of public ethics at Charles Sturt University in Canberra and the author of Earthmasters: The dawn of the age of climate engineering, just published by Yale University Press.

Why Geoengineering Has Immediate Appeal to China
CLIVE HAMILTON , Professor of Public Ethics at Charles Sturt University – The Guardian (U.K.)

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SchwartzReport: US Venerial Disease Outpaces New Jobs or College Grads

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schwartz reportWhen I saw this story this morning I could hardly believe it was real. But I have checked and it is. You can click through to download the CDC .pdf report.

I find it highly ironic that this story is appearing in a conservative religious website, because much of this enormous spread of venereal disease is arising because the Theocratic Right has done everything it can to stop useful sex education in the U.S. leaving teens, particularly teens in Red value states, completely unprepared to practice safe sex. Not surprisingly, the incidence of unintended pregnancies and STDs in those states are much higher than in Blue value states.

CDC: 110,197,000 Venereal Infections in U.S.; Nation Creating New STIs Faster Than New Jobs or College Grads

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SchwartzReport: Environmental & Food Intelligence CIA Will Never Compute

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schwartz reportMore evidence of the degradation of the marine environment. In 20 years natural seafood may be a memory.

Acidic Ocean Hits Pacific Northwest
ERIC NIILER – Chemical & Engineering News

Yet more evidence of environmental degradation. We simply cannot seem to achieve the political will to save the world in which we live, and on which our own wellbeing depends.

Most U.S. Rivers and Streams in Poor Biological Condition
ZACH RAUSNITZ – Fierce Government

The best law money can buy. And you aren’t even going to be able to seek redress when your health is damaged.

‘Monsanto Protection Act’ Slips Silently Through US Congress
RT (Russia)

SchwartzReport: Worst Bee Die-Off in 40 Years — Meanwhile, US Poor Make $2.13 versus Koch Brothers $3 Million an Hour

Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence

schwartz reportTwo readers, one a beekeeper reader sent me this, the beekeeper saying he had lost over half his hives this year. I found it very depressing. All of this is the result of a few corporations I do not hesitate to call evil. If the bees go, the human race may not be far behind. Yet our government just dithers, our politicians too corrupt to see that this is going to affect them as much as anyone else.

I implore you to plant bee friendly plants in your gardens, and to refrain from using poisons like RoundUp on your lawn. One of every three bites of food that goes into your mouth, and the mouths of your children is dependent on bees, and other winged pollinators.

Worst Bee Die-off in 40 Years
LISA ARCHER – Friends of the Earth

This is America today. City on a shining hill? I don’t think so. Unless it is a tiny rich village on the hill, and a world of barrios beneath it.

Five Ugly Extremes of Inequality in America– The Contrasts Will Drop Your Chin to the Floor

SchwartzReport: Good and Bad Farm News, Lab Organs, Telecommuting Congress

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schwartz reportThis is some wonderful good news; it offers an alternative to the chemical and poison driven agriculture model that dominates our world now. It also offers an answer to the vast youth unemployment problem we have in our inner cities, as well as eliminating a great deal of pollution arising from trucking food across the country. It is not an entire solution to the poison model, of course, but it could go a long way toward! s ameliorating the toxic web in which we are now trapped.

The article has one major flaw: it’s assessment of costs, does not include any of what I have mentioned above and, therefore should be disregarded as a criticism.

Chicago Now Home to Nation’s Largest Vertical Farm
ERIC W. DOLAN – The Raw Story

In this report we see the convergence of two major trends: Water as destiny, and climate change. This is also another argument for the today’s lead story, and why the new urban farming model should be pursued.

The Drought That Ravaged US Crops Is Only Going to Get Worse

This is excellent news. I have been covering this trend for about eight years now, and am heartened by its growing success. This trend will eliminate the rejection issues transplant patients now face, and will allow people who are profoundly disfigured, or who would otherwise die, to survive. It will also eliminate the grey world of body parts suppliers.

Science Fiction Comes Alive as Researchers Grow Organs in Lab
GAUTAM NAIK – Wall Street Journal

I think this is what the future holds but, unlike this report, I see the main importance of this trend to a virtual Congress to be part of the Great Schism trend, in which power devolves to the states, and regional arrangements between the states, with the Federal government overseeing foreign affairs, defense and similar national issues.

The West Coast states, and the Northeastern states increasingly have less and less in common with the Southern states and some of the central states, and the quality of life in the West and Northeast is growing increasingly different than the self-inflicted ignorance, obesity, and poverty of the South. (See Social Values, Social Wellness: Can We Know What Works?)

GOP Lawmaker Seeks ‘Virtual Congress’ with telecommuting Plan

SchwartzReport: Shared Vision of Benevelot Future Inspires Reform

Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence, Peace Intelligence

schwartz reportThis is a study which should be read, and acted upon, by all politicians. People, not surprisingly, want things to get better.

Scientists Find Visions of a Benevolent Future Society Motivate Reform
ERIC W. DOLAN – The Raw Story

Activists, take note: People support reform if they believe the changes will enhance the future character of society, according to a study published online this month in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. Namely, people support a future society that fosters the development of warm and moral individuals.

‘There are implications for communication, but also for policies themselves. The ‘easy’ answer would be to promote a policy or cause in terms of how it will make people more warm/moral,” Paul G. Bain of the University of Queensland, the lead author of the study, explained to Raw Story via email. ‘But I think for this to really work it needs to be authentic/real and not just rhetoric – the policies themselves need to promote this.”

Bain, along with four colleagues, sought to explore Noam Chomsky’s dictum that ‘social action must be animated by a vision of a future society” – a proposition they said had not been investigated by social psychologists.

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SchwartzReport: Supreme Court vs. Monsanto, Autisim, Obesity, & Premature Puberty All Because of Corrupt Food Practices

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schwartz reportLike a car careening down a mountain road, we seem unable as a people and as a nation to gain control of our government and to make it serve national wellness instead of profit. Day after day these stories track the degradation of our quality of life.

Only mass demonstrations and mass voting is going to change this, and we seem to lack the political will as citizens to do either. We hate Congress, but most love their Congressperson, seeing no contradiction.

Monsanto’s Death Grip on Your Food
FRITZ KREISS – Nation of Change

Our children are obese because of the “foods” they eat. They have diabetes because of the high fructose corn syrup. We have girls experiencing menarche at 9, and breast development at 10 because of the hormones they unwittingly absorb because of industrial animal husbandry. And now we are discovering a growing number of them are autistic. The list goes on an on, all resulting from a society that is structur! ed for maximum profit for the few.

CDC: One in 50 U.S. School Kids Has Autism

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SchwartzReport: China Breeding “Enhanced” People [While Exporting Surplus Males], Stupid Humans a Western Cancer, Willful Ignorance of the US Progressives–Only the Quakers Get It Right

Cultural Intelligence

schwartz reportThis is the latest in the Homo Superiorus Trend. I predict this is going to become a major issue very quickly.

Chinese Eugenics Factory Collects ‘Genius” DNA To Breed ‘Enhanced” People
JURRIAAN MAESSEN – Blacklisted News

Here is why movements like the Tea Baggers, the modern version of the Know Nothings who plagued America in the 19th century, prosper. Willful Ignorance is like a dark cloud spreading across the nation. This essay is too polemic, but the points it makes are sound.

Human Stupidity Is Destroying the World
MARK MORFORD – AlterNet (U.S.)/San Francisco Chronicle

This report details the failure of Social Progressives to achieve traction in making change. I write regularly about the Willful Ignorance of conservatives, but it has its counterpart in the Willful Ignorance of Social Progressives. They don’t like to hear bad news, or things that have “negative vibes.” Over the years a lo! ng list of progresives have told me that they started, but did not continue, to read SR because “I don’t want to pollute my mind with the negativity you publish.” When I point out that they are facts one needs to be aware of if one is to make rational choices they smile and say, “Oh, I don’t want to know about all that, it’s too much of a downer.” As a result of this attitude social progressives, given their numbers, have made a disproportionately small impact on the major trends affecting our society.

Historically the only group of progressives that seems to understand how real social change is created are the Quakers, who look truth in the eye and, then, work to change it, however long it takes.

Richard Florida Concedes the Limits of the Creative Class
JOEL KOTKIN, Presidential Fellow in Urban Futures at Chapman University – The Daily Beast

SchwartzReport: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, & The Really Ugly

Commercial Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence

schwartz reportGOOD:  Solar Power to Hit Cost Parity Next Year
RP SIEGEL – Triple Pundit

BAD:  Amanpour on Iraq: Where Were the Journalists?

UGLY:  The Last Letter: A Message to George Bush and Dick Cheney From a Dying Veteran
TOMAS YOUNG – Truthdig

REALLY UGLY:  America’s Dirtiest Coal Company[Deliberate Bankrupcy to Wipe Out Pension Obligations]

SchwartzReport: Prison Profiteers Are Neo-Slaveholders and Solitary Is Their Weapon of Choice

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schwartz reportPrison Profiteers Are Neo-Slaveholders and Solitary Is Their Weapon of Choice

By Chris Hedges,

Truthdig | Op-Ed, 18 March 2013

If, as Fyodor Dostoevsky wrote, “the degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons” then we are a nation of barbarians. Our vast network of federal and state prisons, with some 2.3 million inmates, rivals the gulags of totalitarian states. Once you disappear behind prison walls you become prey. Rape. Torture. Beatings. Prolonged isolation. Sensory deprivation. Racial profiling. Chain gangs. Forced labor. Rancid food. Children imprisoned as adults. Prisoners forced to take medications to induce lethargy. Inadequate heating and ventilation. Poor health care. Draconian sentences for nonviolent crimes. Endemic violence.

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See also:

Torture in United States Prisons

SchwartzReport: State of the Media — Quite Dead….

Corruption, Ineptitude, Media

schwartz reportThis is the latest on the major trend concerning the American media. Not a happy story. A democracy requires a healthy functional objective media to be healthy itself. The trend seems to be moving against this.

Click through to see the excellent clarifying graphs.

The State of the News Media 2013

Pew Research Center


This adds up to a news industry that is more undermanned and unprepared to uncover stories, dig deep into emerging ones or to question information put into its hands. And findings from our new public opinion survey released in this report reveal that the public is taking notice. Nearly one-third of the respondents (31%) have deserted a news outlet because it no longer provides the news and information they had grown accustomed to.

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SchwartzReport: Climate Change Turning Far North Green

03 Environmental Degradation

schwartz reportHere is what is coming. Where is the leadership to address this?

Researchers: Climate change is turning Earth’s northern latitudes green

Researchers caution that plant growth in the north may not stay on its current trajectory because an amplified greenhouse effect will increase the frequency of forest fires, droughts and pest infestations.

Reporting in the journal Nature Climate Change, an international team of researchers writes that the northern latitudes have experienced a significant reduction in temperature and vegetation seasonality. They contend that vegetation growth at Earth’s northern latitudes is starting to look a lot like the green latitudes to the south. The study’s findings are based on a 30-year record of land surface and satellite data sets.

The researchers looked at the relationship between changes in surface temperature and vegetation growth from 45 degrees north latitude to the Arctic Ocean. The study’s findings reveal that temperature and vegetation growth at northern latitudes now appear like those found 4 degrees to 6 degrees of latitude farther south as recently as 1982.

Lead co-author Liang Xu, a Boston University doctoral student, says that increased warming in the northern latitudes above the Canada-USA border is lowering temperature seasonality because the colder seasons are warming faster than the summer.

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SchwartzReport: If the Dalai Lama Were Pope


schwartz reportThis piece illustrates for me the difference between religion (The Roman Catholic Church) and spirituality.

I was stunned to learn, and checked and it is correct: “Less than five percent of money flowing through Catholic charities and hospitals comes from Catholic offering plates. Powerful Christian organizations have secured government funds to underwrite” their costs.

This essay gave me pause and made me think, and I hope it does the same for you.

dalai lamaDespite Vatican efforts to keep the public eye focused on pomp and circumstance, speculation about the real reason for Pope Benedict’s resignation dominates conversation about the papal succession: Is it the Vatileaks money laundering? Is it the pedophilia scandal? Might it have something to do with criminal charges filed in European courts? How about the impact of all three on Catholic Church coffers and pews? Is this about immunity or power or finances or brand management?

The Vatican claims to promote a “comprehensive culture of life,” but it is the Church’s comprehensive culture of corruption that refuses to die. Consider yesterday’s scandal in which Scottish Cardinal Keith O’Brien, resigned amid allegations of sexual contacts with priests. Last year O’Brien had called marriage equality a “grotesque subversion of a universally accepted human right.” In fact, in 2012, he received a “bigot of the year” award from the British gay rights group, Stonewall. The combination makes him a poster boy for the notion that homophobia is a symptom of denial. Methinks he doth protest too much.

From the October death of Savita Halappanavar for lack of an abortion in Catholic controlled Ireland, to the pedophilia cover-up being unveiled gradually this spring in California, to the infighting exposed when the Pope’s butler leaked inside Vatican documents, to Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s efforts to obstruct contraceptive access regardless of the public health consequences—Catholic priorities increasingly appear to have two products: harm and hypocrisy. Those who still consider the Catholic hierarchy to be a source of moral leadership are living in a fantasy.

As someone who thinks the world could use a little moral leadership, I can’t resist indulging in a little fantasy of my own: Imagine how different things would be if the Dalai Lama were the next pope.

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SchwartzReport: Brain Imaging Reveals Specific Thoughts — Robotics and 3D Printing Startle China — Other than Eugenics Club, No One Thinking About Future of Humanity

Commercial Intelligence

schwartz reportThis is both exciting and wonderful, it could be of enormous significance in medicine, and in near death experience research to cite just two areas. It could also be deeply alarming, because the shadow of this research is the thought police. You wouldn’t be safe even inside your own head. Once again science and technology outstrip ethics and law. It is our curse.

Mental Picture of Others Can Be Seen Using FMRI, Finds New Study
SYL KACAPYR – Cornell University

This is a conservative, but brilliant analysis of several of the trends I have covered in SR. I agree with all of this except for the energy sector section, which I think is quite wrong. They do not properly take into account the quickening transition to noncarbon energy; and they make no mention at all of climate change, and its effects.

The net-net here though is an emerging trend of massive importance: How do we structure a society where human labor is rendered irrelevant by robotics? If profit remains our only essential priority, disaster will follow. Wellness must become our first priority if we are to survive and prosper.

China Robots Signal US Challenge
JOSHUA JACOBS and EFTYCHIS MOURGINAKIS, Founding Members – The Conservative Future Project – Asia Times (Hong Kong)

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