SchwartzReport: China Breeding “Enhanced” People [While Exporting Surplus Males], Stupid Humans a Western Cancer, Willful Ignorance of the US Progressives–Only the Quakers Get It Right

Cultural Intelligence

schwartz reportThis is the latest in the Homo Superiorus Trend. I predict this is going to become a major issue very quickly.

Chinese Eugenics Factory Collects ‘Genius” DNA To Breed ‘Enhanced” People
JURRIAAN MAESSEN – Blacklisted News

Here is why movements like the Tea Baggers, the modern version of the Know Nothings who plagued America in the 19th century, prosper. Willful Ignorance is like a dark cloud spreading across the nation. This essay is too polemic, but the points it makes are sound.

Human Stupidity Is Destroying the World
MARK MORFORD – AlterNet (U.S.)/San Francisco Chronicle

This report details the failure of Social Progressives to achieve traction in making change. I write regularly about the Willful Ignorance of conservatives, but it has its counterpart in the Willful Ignorance of Social Progressives. They don't like to hear bad news, or things that have “negative vibes.” Over the years a lo! ng list of progresives have told me that they started, but did not continue, to read SR because “I don't want to pollute my mind with the negativity you publish.” When I point out that they are facts one needs to be aware of if one is to make rational choices they smile and say, “Oh, I don't want to know about all that, it's too much of a downer.” As a result of this attitude social progressives, given their numbers, have made a disproportionately small impact on the major trends affecting our society.

Historically the only group of progressives that seems to understand how real social change is created are the Quakers, who look truth in the eye and, then, work to change it, however long it takes.

Richard Florida Concedes the Limits of the Creative Class
JOEL KOTKIN, Presidential Fellow in Urban Futures at Chapman University – The Daily Beast

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