Berto Jongman: Foreign Policy’s 500 Most Powerful (Old Think)

Commercial Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence
Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

Is it possible to identify the 500 most powerful individuals on the planet — one in 14 million? That’s what we tried to do with the inaugural FP Power Map, our inventory of the people who control the commanding heights of the industries that run the world, from politics to high finance, media to energy, warfare to religion. Think of it as a list of all the most important other lists. Here’s how they stack up — and why (sorry, declinists!) Americans are still No. 1 in pretty much everything that matters. For now.

Online List (Requires Registration)

Offline List (Document):  500 Most Powerful



Phi Beta Iota:  No argument with the list, although it misses many of the foreign software giants.  This is an Epoch A list, from the era of hoarding.  More useful — and much more difficult for an old think organization like the Washington Post / Foreign Policy, would be a list of the new leaders in the collective intelligence, collaborative economy, and do it yourself

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