John Maguire: UFO Movie Screens on 22 April — Both Controversial and Eye Opening

05 Energy, Civil Society, Ethics, Extraterrestial Intelligence
John Maguire
John Maguire

Doctor Steven Greer has been on the front-lines of the UFO-Disclosure and Free-Energy Movement for over a decade. Greer is the founder of the vaunted Disclosure Project that interviewed/documented over 200 former military personnel about their experiences with UFOs, ETs, and Exotic Technologies under oath/signed affidavit.

Later this month Greer and his team will be releasing Sirius, a crowd-funded documentary that may very well eclipse the impact of Disclosure Project. Only time will tell.

UFO documentary reveals “humanoid of unknown classification” (OpenMinds, 3 April 2013)

Sirius Theatrical Trailer – Dr. Steven Greer, UFO’s, Extraterrestrials, Alternative Energy (YouTube, 2:20)

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