Mini-Me: Huffington Post Automatically Censoring “False Flag” — ANY Post or Comment with “False Flag” Instantly DELETED

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Who?  Mini-Me?
Who? Mini-Me?


From one of our readers.

I regularly participate in Huffington Post forums, and they have a very sophisticated system of moderation. There are certain words and phrases it won't let through. And I discovered a new one today: false flag.

When my first post was deleted (under the “notifications” tab, which is where moderation seems to be the strictest) I looked at it, because it was a short sentence.

It was clear that the offensive term could only be “false flag,” so I retyped only those two words, and sure enough, they were instantly deleted.

That only happens under the notifications tab. And when it happens, the very instant you hit the reply button it says, “This comment removed.” So apparently I can't used the term “false flag” anymore, at least when I'm under the notifications tab.

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