Robert Steele: Disavowal of VICE Q Article & Video

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Where Did QAnon Come From?

VICE TV’s new three-part docuseries, starting Jan. 26, examines the who, what, and why behind the conspiracy movement to understand its radicalizing impact on society, in the wake of the Capitol riots.

ROBERT STEELE: I am not a Q. and I am not an Anon.I am a patriot and my positions are public and available to anyone who takes care to read them. I do not know who was interviewed or how the interviewees were selected but the article and the documentary are not accurate in so far as they pupport to show Q as sponsoring violence and insurrection.

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Pedophilia & Empire Book 4 (North America) in Print

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#1 Best Seller in Child Advocacy Family Law
Best Sellers Rank: #404 in Books (20210110)

When Lin Wood, one of the top defamation lawyers in America talks openly about the possibility that both Mike Pence and Chief Justice John Roberts may be pedophiles who have been blackmailed by foreign powers, the world has changed. Pedophilia, child abuse including torture, and murderous pedophilia have been the most “taboo” topic in the civilized world.

This book, Book 4 in the series, focuses on North America. The United Kingdom, covered in Book 2 and the Rothchilds covered in Book 3, remain the center of the Satanic Ritual Abuse ((SRA) and murderous pedophilia regime, but the “colonies” have been deeply corrupted by the UK and the Rothchilds. Book 5 will focus on the rest of the world including Australia, where the Prime Ministers at the national and provincial levels are richly deserving of measured public scrutiny.

Additional Description and Linked Table of Contents Below the Fold

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James Fetzer: Is 60 Minutes Knowingly Interviewing a Fake Lenny Pozner about Alleged FEMA False Flag Event Known as Sandy Hook?

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Fighting back against internet lies

60 Minutes will be interviewing the alleged “Lenny Pozner”, who claims to have lost a son at Sandy Hook, but whom some believe to be both dead and a former agent of the Mossad, during its program scheduled to be broadcast tonight (3 January 2021).

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