SchwartzReport: Boycott Monsanto + GMO RECAP

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schwartz reportI have reached a point where I have been forced to conclude that Monsanto is an evil corporation, as I understand that word. I know, from what you have written me that many of you, as have I and Ronlyn, have signed petitions against Monsanto. Now take the next step. Stop buying their products. Here is a URL where you will find the list of the companies Monsanto owns.

WARNING NOTICE:  The list is not accurate and has been removed from Phi Beta Iota.  The concept remains valid, but the public must first properly identify all Monsanto companies.  We continue to wonder why farmers are not suing Monsanto for willful trespass, unlawful deprivation of property use, and health violations related to the toxicity and third generation infertility that are associated with Monsanto's GMO offerings.


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