SchwartzReport: Chained CPI is 1% Code for Screw the 99% Forevermore

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schwartz reportI completely support this. The last place where power still resides with ordinary people lies in the vote. Everything else in our government may increasingly be a charade of retained form underneath of which lies corrupted substance. But the vote still matters because it determines who gets to play. Any compromise in the already tattered social safety net, should result in all those who voted fo! r the compromise being cast out of office.

#ChainedCPI? For Every Social Security Judas, a Primary Challenge
Robert Naiman – truthout


The moment of truth has arrived. According to press reports, President Obama has openly embraced cutting Social Security and veterans benefits by imposing the “chained CPI” cut on cost of living increases, which is like signing in blood the idea that the federal government’s priorities should be owned by the 1% rather than by the 99%. The war in Afghanistan will continue, the boondoggle F-35 “Bankrupter” fighter plane will continue, the $83 billion annual taxpayer subsidy to the “too big to fail” banks will continue, but the earned benefits of America’s working families, including disabled veterans and their survivors, will be cut if President Obama has his way.

The only thing that can stop President Obama from cutting Social Security now is Congress. Therefore, the only thing that can stop President Obama from cutting Social Security now is public pressure on Congress to stand up to Obama and say no. The pressure that has been exerted so far was not sufficient to stop President Obama from doing this. Therefore, public pressure against Social Security cuts must significantly escalate.

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