SchwartzReport: Could New York Run On Renewable Energy Alone?

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schwartz reportCould New York Run On Renewable Energy Alone?
MARK FISCHETTI – Salon/Scientific American

An important interview with Mark Jacobson, one of the most original thinkers in energy transition. It is well worth your time.

I consider what is being described here as extremely good news. Finally a discussion is emerging about what would really be involved in giving up carbon energy. And, it turns out, its not so scary to accomplish as one might think. You pull back the curtain, and it is the Wizard of Oz. All that is keeping us from making this transition is carbon energy’s control of the American government.

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Three times now, Mark Jacobson has gone out on the same limb. In 2009 he and co-author Mark Delucchi published a cover story in Scientific American that showed how the entire world could get all of its energy – fuel as well as electricity – from wind, water and solar sources by 2030. No coal or oil, no nuclear or natural gas. The tale sounded infeasible – except that Jacobson, from Stanford University, and Delucchi, from the University of California, Davis, calculated just how many hydroelectric dams, wave-energy systems, wind turbines, solar power plants and rooftop photovoltaic installations the world would need to run itself completely on renewable energy.


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Phi Beta Iota:  Emphasis added.  Corruption of government is the only remaining obstacle to doing the right thing in the public interest.

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