SchwartzReport: Good (No More Landfills) Bad (Nestle Owns Water), Ugly (USA Torture)

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Like the piece I did yesterday on how New York could transition to non-carbon energy, this one addresses landfills, offering an actual example of how it could be done. The truth is we could recreate our society so that it was much more fair to all, and environmentally positive; only our lack of political will is stopping this.

A World Without Landfills? It's Closer Than You Think
JEN SORIANO – truthout/YES!


Ronlyn and I stopped buying any products made by Nestle or its subsidiaries some time ago (to see what Nestle owns go to the Important Charts link on the left of the SR website). This is the true measure of the greed that we see in companies like Nestle, Dow, and Monsanto.  Click through to see Nestle Chairman, Peter Brabeck, express himself on this issue.

Nestle CEO Believes All Water On The Planet Should Be In Private Hands
D.S. WRIGHT – Firedoglake


One of the worst of the toxic “gifts” the Bush-Cheney neocons gave to America was the official policy of enhanced interrogation — torture to those not enthrall to their ugly madness. Now with the Boston bomber calls for torture are once again being heard from Republican politicians. This is only possible because enough Americans have not spoken out to condemn torture.

For Shame: Why Don't Americans Care More About Torture
JAMES TRAUB, Fellow of the Center on International Cooperation – Foreign Policy

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