SchwartzReport: Nuclear Hell on Earth — Hanford Oregon Set to Blow, Fukushima Has Contaminated Ocean and Soil for Next Century…

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schwartz reportThis is the first of two stories. I am running them both today, because I want to make the point that in nuclear accidents there is a question as to whether they are ever really “over;” this is the thing that is different about nuclear power. Tar sands oil leaks, such as the one in Arkansas, eventually get cleaned up. Nuclear waste is forever.

Hanford Nuclear Waste Tanks at Risk of Explosion
RT (Russia)

US residents near the Hanford Nuclear Reservation may be in grave danger: a nuclear safety board found that the underground tanks holding toxic, radioactive waste could explode at any minute, due to a dangerous buildup of hydrogen gas.

In addition to everything else Fukushima has shown us the unintended consequence of radioactive tuna. This technology is fine, until it's not fine. Then it's a problem for we know not how many years, and creates horrible social problems.

Tepco Says Fukushima Plant Leaked 120 Tons of Radioactive Water

Phi Beta Iota:  The irresponsibility — partly in ignorance but mostly in corruption — of most governments —  cannot be understated.  The “inudstrialization” of the knowledge industry led to fragementation, a disconnect from ethics, and ultimately to a perversion of how knowledge is used, to internalize profits and externalize hazards, risks, and lasting costs.  Very uncivilized.

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With no way to process it, US will bury 70,000 tons of nuclear waste

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