4th Media (Wayne Madsen): USA-CIA-Soros-NeoCons vs Russia in Caucasus

06 Russia, IO Deeds of War
Wayne Madsen
Wayne Madsen

The Other Tsarnaevs in Waiting: The US CIA, Soros NGOs, & the Neocon- Salafist Interference in Russia, China, Sudan, …


It is clear that Jamestown and its CIA bosses are stoking Salafist radicalism in Russia in the same manner as the CIA’s «Al Qaeda» spurred the radical revolts that led to the ouster of Muammar Qaddafi in Libya and that are currently attempting to oust Bashar al-Assad in Syria. Jamestown has also called for Russia to accept thousands of Circassian refugees from Syria into the North Caucasus, clearly an attempt to infiltrate additional «Al Qaeda» elements into the volatile region.

One goal of the neo-cons and Salafists is the creation of a Commission of Inquiry led by a globalist – Zionist South African Judge Richard Goldstone has been mentioned as a possibility – to investigate human rights abuses in Chechnya. Of course, the end game is to seek International Criminal Court (ICC) indictments against Chechen and Russian government officials.

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