Sheila Casey: Photographic Essay on False Flag Theater — Boston bombing involves clearly staged carnage + Boston False Flag Meta-RECAP

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Sheila Casey

False flag theater: Boston bombing involves clearly staged carnage

 “Does a compelling description of a terrorist attack, replete with ‘eyewitness accounts’ of the terrifying scene, and official pronouncements, constitute an actual event?”Florida Atlantic University professor James Tracy.

 By Sheila Casey (Special to Truth and Shadows)

The mainstream media story of the Boston Marathon bombing is of Chechen terrorists who unleashed weapons of mass destruction, killing four and wounding 264 in an unthinkable scene of “bodies flying into the street”, “so many people without legs” and “blood everywhere.”

Everyone ignores the man who just lost his legs.
Everyone ignores the man who just lost his legs.

A massive police response followed, with 9,000 federal, state, FBI and Department of Homeland Security troops conducting door-to-door searches to find and subdue the “armed and extremely dangerous” suspects. Cops unceremoniously ousted residents from their homes to set up impromptu battle stations, and one aimed a gun at a resident who was snapping his picture from a window.

For the vast majority of the American population, this is the truth and they feel no need to look further. Yet those who are willing to question the narrative we’ve been sold and take a hard look behind the curtain may be in for a surprise. Based on the video and photo record, it seems clear that the lead actor in this production—the most grievously wounded, as well as the man who fingered Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as the bomber—was faking his injuries, as were most of those allegedly hurt by the first bomb.  We were told his name is Jeff Bauman, but since that can’t be verified and his survival is unbelievable to the point of being miraculous, we’ll simply call him Miracle Man.

First let’s see what can be learned from a Boston Globe video on YouTube that starts six seconds prior to the first explosion.  (For this article, I’m focusing solely on the first explosion and its now famous victim, although serious anomalies–such as the curious case of a missing mailbox– have also been reported at the site of the second explosion.)

The cameraman was standing on the finish line, facing the approaching runners, so had a view of both explosions. For 2 min and 42 seconds, he continues filming, as he walks around the area of the first explosion pointing the camera in seemingly random directions.

There is a boom and white smoke rises from the sidewalk. But nothing flies into the street: no debris, no nails or pellets, and certainly no bodies or body parts. None of the flags are knocked down or pierced by shrapnel. Watching this video, it’s easy to understand why some participants believed the explosions to be part of the finish line festivities. All runners except one keep on going: although not hit by anything, an older man falls and rolls on his back, but within 30 seconds he’s on his feet and walking to the finish line.

The second explosion seems similar in intensity to the first, although we don’t see it as clearly.

At 0:53, we get our first good look at the sidewalk behind the fence, in front of Sugar Heaven: there are about seven people there, all standing, and some litter. No blood, no one on the ground. We saw no crowds of people rushing from that area, and usually the finish line of a major race is jammed with spectators. Where did everyone go? Was the area cleared ahead of time?

At 1:17 we get a view of the sidewalk in front of the store next door, Marathon Place, ground zero for the first bomb. We see about five victims on the ground, and perhaps six assisting them. (They may be more, our view is blocked by a fence.)

At 1:53 we see that Carlos Arredondo—who achieved brief fame for rescuing the double amputee, Miracle Man—is still clutching his American flag, even as he tries to get over the fence to help the victims. This is peculiar: who holds onto something unimportant in the face of a mass disaster?

Almost seven minutes after the explosion, Bauman is sitting up and not bleeding with no blood trail....
Almost seven minutes after the explosion, Bauman is sitting up and not bleeding with no blood trail….

From 2:17 to 2:23 we see an older balding man dressed all in black, gesturing to people off screen to the right to come to him. I say “people,” plural, because he makes the “come to me” gesture continuously for the six seconds we see him, as if bringing in a crowd. He has a lanyard around his neck of the type used by large corporations for employee identification.

Indeed, by 2:35, as the fence is finally pulled away, the sidewalk is much more crowded than it was a minute ago. We also see that Carlos still has not reached Miracle Man.

Although we hear sirens several times, in this video we never see an ambulance or any bodies—living or dead—being carried away. Perhaps all the ambulances went to the second bombing, where people may have really been hurt. At this point the camera aims down at the street and fades out.

The video gives the impression of a bomb much, much smaller than media reports would lead one to believe. The area is swarming with runners, photographers, police and EMTs, but actual victims seem scarce.

The uncropped photo of the poster boy for this event, who allegedly lost both legs in the first blast, raises several questions. He is in the finisher’s chute, about 40 yards from the finish line.

Where are they taking him? Why aren’t he and his severed limbs being rushed to the hospital? He reportedly ends up at Boston Medical Center, 1.5 miles away. Are they planning to get him there via wheelchair?

Boston 3
Malarchuk almost died when his jugular vein was sliced by a skate.

Why is there so little blood? We can clearly see the road behind them, and there is no blood trail. The one visible tourniquet on his leg is not tight to his skin, so it cannot be properly tied or winched. A second tourniquet is caught under the wheels.

According to this article in Wikipedia, it is possible to bleed to death from a severed femoral artery in as little as three minutes. Although the femoral artery ends above the knee, there is still huge blood flow below the knee, and Miracle Man lost both legs simultaneously just below the knee.  The blood should be gushing from his legs, especially because he is sitting up. Standard protocol for a traumatic amputation of the leg is to lay the patient flat and elevate the leg, using gravity to prevent uncontrolled hemorrhage. We know from other photos that a woman near Miracle Man (she is seen literally on top of him) with no visible injuries was put on a stretcher before Miracle Man. Why did she get the stretcher and not him?

How is he still conscious? Based on real time video evidence , this picture was taken more than six and a half minutes after his calves were blown off. He is not bleeding, he is sitting up with eyes open, and he is still a long way from getting medical attention. How did he survive?

By comparison, consider this video of a hockey accident where goalie Clint Marlachuk got a skate across his neck that cut his jugular vein.  Just a few seconds after the cut, he’s already created a sizable pool of blood on the ice. It is easy to believe that if his bleeding had continued unchecked for a minute or two, he would be dead or close to it.

A swimmer was attacked by a great white shark off Solana Beach, CA with a bite across both legs. Although his fellow triathletes brought him immediately to shore, he died within minutes of the bite—possibly before being pulled from the water. Unlike Miracle Man, the swimmer’s legs were not completely detached.

Boston Frame 1
(Frame 1) The bomb has just gone off but there is no blood.

So what are we to make of these images of Miracle Man immediately after the bombing, taken from a surveillance video? In frame 1 below, the smoke is still thick so the bomb has just detonated. But far from being splayed out on the concrete in a pool of blood, clothes tattered and/or singed from the heat, struggling to comprehend what has just happened, and with multiple smaller injuries in addition to those that took off his legs, we see an odd scene.

Miracle Man is on his back in the “crunch” position often seen in gyms by those trying to tighten their abdominals. It’s not an easy or comfortable position to hold, and certainly not the one I’d choose immediately after suffering a devastating injury like double traumatic amputation. We see no blood, injuries or torn clothing on him or anyone else in the photo. Miracle Man’s thighs, hands and elbows are in the air and a hooded man is between his stumps, in the posture of a midwife. And between the two men is an African-American woman, who appears to be leaning or resting on Miracle Man’s abdomen.

(Frame 2) Amidst the “carnage,” the hooded man takes a moment to don his sunglasses.
(Frame 2) Amidst the “carnage,” the hooded man takes a moment to don his sunglasses.

In frame 2, the hooded man is putting on his sunglasses. If he truly had before him a mortally wounded man who could expire within minutes, stopping to put on his sunglasses would seem strange. For that matter, wearing a hood on a nice day with temperatures in the high 50s/low 60s is also strange—it’s no fashion statement.

But because we know that this is a faked scene, he is most likely donning the glasses to try to hide his identity. Between the hoodie and the sunglasses it works pretty well.

The black woman is still reclining on Miracle Man, who still has his hands, arms and thighs in the air. Only his lower back and buttocks are touching the pavement. We still see no blood or injuries anywhere in the frame.

(Frame 3) His stump is over the woman’s head, but there is no blood.
(Frame 3) His stump is over the woman’s head, but there is no blood.

In frame 3, the clean, dry bone of Miracle Man’s left calf is raised and is on the black woman’s head, but there is no blood. She is wearing a bright white shirt and it is wholly free of blood. The alleged double amputee is still in the crunch position, his hands now in front of his face. What is he doing? Why is no one attempting to tie a tourniquet or get him help? Why is Miracle Man himself not attending to his own life threatening injuries, as the goalie did by trying to stanch the blood gushing from his neck with his hands?

(Frame 4) At ground zero for the 1st bomb, there is no blood.
(Frame 4) At ground zero for the 1st bomb, there is no blood.

In frame 4, the bone of Miracle Man’s left leg is now directly over the black woman’s head, but still there is no blood, on his stump or on the woman. The red that we see is her jacket.

A few minutes later, we see this odd scene (photo below). Miracle Man isn’t visible, although we know he hasn’t left the area yet, because Carlos, his rescuer, is still there, leaning against the fence holding his cowboy hat and flag, as if waiting his cue. The hooded man is now reclining, propped up on one arm, looking very relaxed.

This blood looks more like red paint. Is that a bottle of fake blood in the lower right?  The shop window has been blown out, leaving a pile of broken glass on the sidewalk. The bomb was supposedly on the sidewalk, so why didn’t the glass blow in to the shop, rather than out onto the sidewalk?
This blood looks more like red paint. Is that a bottle of fake blood in the lower right? The shop window has been blown out, leaving a pile of broken glass on the sidewalk. The bomb was supposedly on the sidewalk, so why didn’t the glass blow in to the shop, rather than out onto the sidewalk?

Now, finally we see blood—or what could be blood if it were darker.  Below is a photo of the blood from a gruesome motorcycle accident, next to the victim’s arm.  It’s much thicker and darker than the substance on the Boston sidewalk.

In the lower right corner of the photo above is a bottle containing a liquid the same color as the “blood” now on the sidewalk.  Did the red liquid on the sidewalk come out of this bottle? The black woman now has blood on her, although not on her head and shoulders where you’d expect it after having Miracle Man’s freshly severed leg directly over her.

Will no one help the poor man who has no legs?
Will no one help the poor man who has no legs?

Finally, here is Miracle Man after both the black woman and the hooded man have moved away from him.  There is a discarded surgical glove on the ground, although no first responders have yet responded to the most badly injured victim.  There is clearly no tourniquet on Miracle Man’s left leg, yet no blood flow is seen. Everyone around him seems quite nonplussed by his gruesome injuries and unmoved to help him. His right stump is much shorter than the left one, ending above the knee, and appears to be entirely encased in his pants. In the photo taken later of Jeff in the wheelchair (shown above), which according to Google Images has been published over 1 million times, his right stump has magically grown a knee.

Real accident, real blood.
Real accident, real blood.

Compare the story told by these images with the complete fantasy reported in the Concord Monitor.

(Miracle Man) was lying on the ground near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, grasping the hands of his girlfriend’s two roommates. Just seconds before, they’d been waiting with a sign to hold up when she completed the race. He wanted the girls to get help before he did. He didn’t realize how bad his own injuries were. But before he knew it he was in a wheelchair, and a man in a cowboy hat was pinching one of Bauman’s severed arteries.

Carlos’ story—vaulting the fence to hurry the legless man into a wheelchair—is not borne out by the photos.
Carlos’ story—vaulting the fence to hurry the legless man into a wheelchair—is not borne out by the photos.

More fiction from the Concord Monitor:

When the first explosion happened, (Carlos Arredondo) jumped over a fence and ran toward the victims, he told WEEI radio in Boston. He knelt down next to Bauman, whose legs had been blown off and was (sic) bleeding profusely… Arredondo found a sweater on the ground, ripped it and tied it around Bauman’s leg to try to stop the bleeding.

We know from the surveillance video that none of this happened. There were no young women tenderly holding his hands, no man in a cowboy hat heroically vaulting the fence to put him immediately in a wheelchair, no profuse bleeding and no ripped sweater to stop it.

It’s instructive to see the kind of story the Monitor (and other media outlets) manufactured. It’s a fairy tale, with heroes and villains. There are no shades of grey; the victim is a saint; despite being mortally wounded, “he wanted the girls to get help before he did,” and the villain is pure evil—so evil neither his wife nor mother want to claim his body.


A photo op dreamed up by a PR firm: Carlos displays his blood soaked American flag.
A photo op dreamed up by a PR firm: Carlos displays his blood soaked American flag.

Military propaganda gets the most bang for the buck out of creating intense emotion and a desire for vengeance in the targeted population, which in this case are the American people. By creating stories of wholesome, saintly Americans who have been brutalized by deranged foreigners, the event is reduced to a simplistic story of good against evil. Who would not support the “good” when threatened by “evil?” Thus the authorities are better able to carry out the agenda the attack was created to facilitate, such as shutting down a city under de facto martial law, or amping up racist beliefs that Muslims are not quite human, and their sufferings—such as those inflicted by the US during endless wars—nothing to be concerned about.


Adding to the unanswered questions is this video, a double-time static view of the entire scene, evidently taken from the media deck over the finish line. At 3:12 we see that as Miracle Man is being wheeled down the street, two people bringing in an empty gurney walk right past him and his entourage, going the other way. They pass within 10 feet of each other, so they could not have missed seeing each other. The man in the yellow jacket with Miracle Man has “EMT” on his lapel. Why didn’t this Emergency Medical Tech ask for the gurney, pointing out the dire condition of his patient?


It is 3:17 by the time they exit the frame at the lower left. Since this video is playing back at twice the normal speed, that means that six minutes and 34 seconds (3:17 x 2) had elapsed—just while this video was playing— before Miracle Man started on his journey down Boylston Street, where the wheelchair Bauman shot was taken. The video doesn’t show the bombing or any emergency vehicles, so it begins sometime after the bombings, although there’s no way to know how much after.

Carlos Arrendondo was interviewed about the bombing, but almost everything he says about it is provably false.

At 0:11 he says emphatically “you see people without limbs. Ripped off limbs everywhere, everywhere.” This is patently false. The only sign of a possible lost limb in the photos and video is a part of the sole of a foot and toes seen in the lower left of the frame. But there is no way to know if that foot is still attached to a person.

At 0:25 (although partly inaudible) he makes clear that he ripped either his own or Miracle Man’s clothes to make the tourniquets. Problem is, the tourniquets are bright white, and neither he nor Miracle Man were wearing white. This also contradicts the interview where he said he created a tourniquet out of a sweater, as neither he nor Miracle Man were wearing a sweater.

At 0:35 Carlos says of Miracle Man that “he had a big fire going on, on his shirt.” Miracle Man’s shirt was not at all burned.

At 1:22 he says “there was so many people begging me for help, begging me for help, but I can only help one at a time.” Despite the many photos and videos of Carlos that day, there is no sign of him interacting with any victim other than Miracle Man. At one point he is seen standing against the fence, just waiting.

At another point, with Miracle Man still untended to, Carlos is seen trying to take down a fence. Right behind him are the hooded man and the black woman who were with Miracle Man, so Miracle Man had to have been directly behind Carlos only minutes before. Where is he? I’d guess he’s off getting his makeup applied and his fake bloody prosthesis attached.  The architects of this event knew they needed a poster boy to get the public riled up, and Miracle Man was the guy for the job. His makeup and fake bloody prosthesis had to be good.

At 1:38 he says of Miracle Man “he was unconscious.” This is false, Miracle Man is conscious even in the final photo, taken nearly seven minutes after the bomb.

At 2:01 he unrolls his bloody American flag and shows it to the interviewers. If the interview was taped prior to the event, this may be why he was so determined to hang on to his flag even while trying to climb the fence to get to the victims. He would need to still have it with him, for consistency’s sake, in any other photos and videos after the event.

At 2:28 they start talking about the flags of nations that lined the street just prior to the finish line, and at 2:37 Carlos says emphatically, with a sweeping motion of his hand, “all the flags was gone. All gone.” This again is false: both videos show that not a single flag was knocked over by the blasts.

Carlos’s lies about the scale of the event could be simply a man trying to make himself out to be more of a hero than he was. But, he had to have known that there were many cameras at the finish line and his story would be proven false. In light of the other discrepancies in the story, it seems more likely that Carlos was paid, and this was the story he was told to relate.


I know that the evidence I’ve presented here, and the huge charade that it implies, will incite outrage and indignation among those who still believe that the media delivers the unvarnished truth. If this is your first exposure to solid evidence of false flag terrorism, your mind is probably madly sputtering with justifications and defenses that will allow you to go on believing what you have always believed: that your most loved news personality has only the truth as his/her goal. If you identify as liberal, you no doubt believe that there is propaganda aplenty at Fox News, while Amy Goodman and Rachel Maddow tell it like it is. Conservatives of course believe the opposite.

Unfortunately both sides are wrong, as there is little truth to be found on either the right or the left, whether “mainstream” or “alternative.” The false left-right paradigm keeps people fighting among themselves and ignoring the real enemy, which is exactly as the real enemy likes it.

Those looking for a quick and painless way to dismiss uncomfortable facts need look no further than any of thousands of pundits and news anchors who have already told you what to think about “conspiracy theorists.” You’ve heard that they start with a conclusion and make the evidence fit their preconceived notions, they find real life too boring so they invent elaborate stories to spice things up, or that the idea of random terror is so, well, terrifying that they need to have a “grand theory” to make the world seem safer and more manageable.

These themes originated with the CIA 47 years ago, when they released a plan to stomp out alternative views about the JFK assassination. The plan includes a recommendation to “employ propaganda assets to [negate] and refute the attacks of the critics”

Our assets should point out, as applicable, that the critics are (I) wedded to theories adopted before the evidence was in, (II) politically interested, (III) financially interested, (IV) hasty and inaccurate in their research, or (V) infatuated with their own theories.

Although lacking any grounding in fact, these criticisms of researchers who question the government’s story have been repeated so often by both mainstream and alternative sources, that they are now believed by many gullible people.

Does the idea of the US government using actors to play the role of victims in fake terror attacks seem impossibly far-fetched?

An article from 2003 describes the Department of Homeland Security running exercises with “make-believe victims seeking medical treatment. Volunteers and professional actors will play the roles of victims…”

DHS has a history of using actors for mass casualty drills.
DHS has a history of using actors for mass casualty drills.

Consider this Actor Waiver Form for a Homeland Security Exercise. Although I can’t verify its authenticity, if they are using actors in drills, such forms would be standard operating procedure.

The U.S. government uses amputees for training exercises. With a specially prepared “bloody” prosthesis, an actor who lost his limb years ago can be made to look as if he lost his limb moments ago.

Fake wounds created for “scenario training” can look like the real thing.
Fake wounds created for “scenario training” can look like the real thing.

The government has staged many terror attacks to achieve political goals, and they no doubt learned that one of their biggest headaches after such an attack was the grieving family members who kept pointing out the inconsistencies in the stories they were given about how their loved ones had died. For the citizen mindlessly ingesting standard news pablum, the official story may seem plausible. Not so for the highly motivated mother, husband or daughter of a victim, who latches on a like a bulldog and won’t let go until they get the answers they seek.

But the perpetrators still need graphic images of human suffering to incite the kind of rage that prompts the citizenry to willingly surrender their rights and let the feds ignore the law and do as they please.

The solution was evidently to stage terror attacks with actors, where no one actually gets hurt. In the case of the Boston Marathon bombing, they were able to achieve all the same goals that a real terror attack would have (such as testing whether it is possible to close down a city over a single teenage “terrorist” on the loose) without the nuisance of grieving, inquisitive family members.


Sheila Casey is a journalist whose work has been published by the Chicago Sun-Times, Reuters, The Denver Post, Common Dreams, Dissident Voice and the Rock Creek Free Press. Contact her or read her other political articles here.

Phi Beta Iota:  There is no evidence the US military had anything to do with this monstrous false flag operation.  As of today, we can only account for two dead and six injured.  We find the above to be totally consistent with all the other skeptical accounts linked below.  At what point does theater (and the excesses it ostensibly justifies) become treason?  Is there a split within the US Government, between DHS and the FBI on the one side, and everyone else on the other?

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