Berto Jongman: 3 Iranian Sponsored Attacks in USA including a Mumbia Hotel-Type Attack — Iranian Exile, CIA, or NeoCon Disinformation as Prelude to Another False Flag?

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

Source strongly suspected of being a front for Iranian exiles trying to give Iran a black eye and neocons a reason to press for US attack on Iran.

Terrorist super-axis to strike within U.S.

Imminent attacks planned by al-Qaida, Quds Forces, Hezbollah

Iran has given the go-ahead to operatives of three terrorist groups that have infiltrated the United States to carry out missions, including what is expected to be a Mumbai-style attack on a hotel where innocent bystanders would be killed, WND has learned.

A full report with many details of the missions has been passed on to U.S. officials.

Three targets have been chosen within America for imminent attack, and the terror teams have now cut communications with the operational center in Iran, a sign that they are moving ahead with the attacks, according to a high-level intelligence officer within the Islamic regime.

If only one of the attacks occurs, the regime will consider the operation a success, the source said. Tehran believes, he said, an attack would not be traced back to Iran due to the nationalities of the operators.

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Phi Beta Iota:  Iran is not stupid — these are Persians, with better engineers and thinkers than many Western countries can claim.  Iranian dissidents, however, are a very scary mix of well-intentiond to seriously stupid.  Iran knows, with great precision, exactly when Bin Laden died, and where, and Iran is not at all interested in giving individuals “leading” the USA a reason for joining with Israel in an attack on Iran that will become a regional war and spill over into Turkey, Green, and then creep up toward Europe with riots in Paris, France being the beginning of urban grid-lcok and a wave of small sabotage acts that will make life unbearable for the Europeans, beyond the financial terrorism they are already suffering at the hands of Goldman Sachs and the City of London cabal.

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