Berto Jongman: “Deathbed” Testimony” about UFOs and Area 51 from former CIA Officer + UFO Meta-RECAP

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

The actual identify of the alleged former CIA official has not been validated.

ANONYMOUS from Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell on Vimeo.

‘Deathbed testimony’ about UFOs given by former CIA official (VIDEO)

Video testimony by an anonymous alleged former CIA official was shown at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure at the National Press Club in Washington, DC on Friday, May 3.

Video Page (17:08)

UFO author and historian Richard Dolan interviewed “Anonymous” on March 5, 2013. Facing impending kidney failure, this individual felt compelled to disclose secret information he feels is too important to keep secret. In the video, he claims to have served in the U.S. Army, worked for the CIA, and worked on the U.S. Air Force’s Project Blue Book–one of the USAF’s official studies of UFOs. And he refers to the project as “partially a fraud.” Asking for clarification, Dolan states, “You’re saying some of the Blue Book cases were completely fictitious?” The anonymous man responds, “Yes.”

Richard Dolan interviewing 'Anonymous.' (Credit: Truth Embargo)

Richard Dolan interviewing ‘Anonymous.’ (Credit: Truth Embargo)

“Anonymous” alleges that, after an invasion threat from President Dwight Eisenhower, he and his superior at the CIA were allowed inside the secretive Area 51 in Nevada to gather intel and report back to the president. There, “Anonymous” describes seeing several alien spacecraft, including the craft that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico. Then, he and his superior were taken to the S-4 facility southwest of Area 51 where they observed live extraterrestrials.

Author and UFO researcher Peter Robbins, who served as a witness at the Citizen Hearing, saw the video testimony as it was presented. He posted his reaction on his Facebook account: “In my opinion, if it can be confirmed by any relevant supporting documentation, this moving and fascinating account does qualify as an authentic ‘death bed’ testimony from an individual who convincingly claims to have been a CIA officer deeply involved in the matter or crashed and/or recovered craft, and at one time a liaison between the Agency and the President (Truman).”

This testimony will be included in an upcoming documentary titled Truth Embargo.

Phi Beta Iota:  First, it is entirely possible this is a  disinformation endeavor to further confuse the public.  However, the US Government routinely lies to itself.  The threat of “invasion” may have been from President Eisenhower to the US Air Force.  There is no contradiction between the US Air Force pretending to have alien spacecraft and live extraterrestrials for its own purposes, and there being vastly more ethical and capable extraterrestrials whom the US Air Force cannot capture or subdue.  The truth remains to be found.

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