Berto Jongman: Military Option on Iran; Proxy Warfare, Drones Neither Ethical Nor Effective, UN Calls for Moratorium on Killer Robots

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

Hagel to Israel: Military option will be considered after Iranian elections

U.S. officials show Israeli counterparts video trial of ‘bunker buster’ bomb that could be used to destroy Iran’s Fordow nuclear installation, Wall Street Journal reports.

Proxy Warfare and the Future of Conflict

RUSI Journal, Apr 2013, Vol. 158, No. 2

YouTube (8:46) Drones Are Not Ethical And Effective | Naureen Shah | Oxford Union

UN report calls for killer robot moratorium

Human compassion, intuition may be required for life-and-death decisions, author argues

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