DefDog: Kabul Update – Media Gets It Wrong … Again

Corruption, Media

From a SOF colleague in Kabul.

A great deal of sensational reporting….folks who were outside when it happened here did not hear anything…we are not that far away from where it happened either…

Of note, something that gets lost in the reporting, there were basically four/five guys who held off the response team for six plus hours… other words, a small group brought them to a standstill….part of the IO
effort on their part…..

This refers to following from NIGHTWATCH (which is read, via Phi Beta Iota, in every clime and place):

Afghanistan: Explosions and gunfire rocked central Kabul Friday as the Taliban launched an attack close to an Afghan intelligence facility and the headquarters of a government force that protects foreign firms. The Taliban said they were targeting CIA trainers. Two people died and 13 were injured in the attack. Six to eight attackers were killed in the firefight that lasted nine hours, according to press service reports.

Comment: This fighting occurred in the center of Kabul, indicating a major lapse in security. . It is another example of the ability of anti-government fighting groups to attack any target they choose at will. The damage and losses were not large, but the demonstration of the anti-government group’s ability to strike at the seat of power and the international quarter is a significant terror effect.


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