Eagle: Ten Civilization-Destructive Trends in 2013

07 Other Atrocities, 11 Society, Cultural Intelligence
300 Million Talons...
300 Million Talons…

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Ten civilization-shaping trends for 2013 that are driving us into social and spiritual crisis

Mike Adams

Natural News, 1 May 2013

#1) The rise of human engineered genetics

#2) Reality escapism via gaming, social networks and computer-human interface devices such as Google Glass, VR helmets

#3) The demonization of normalcy

#4) The rise of “omission journalism”

#5) The “Idiocracy” effect of self-selected procreation that multiplies the number of people least qualified to advance humanity

#6) The censorship and criminalization of knowledge

#7) Selective dehumanization: The abandonment of any value for the life of a newborn child or any adult who disagrees with you

#8) The “theaterization” of narratives for political gain (false flags)

#9) The end of privacy: Government tracking and cross-referencing of every uttered word, email, web page visit, photos and electronic communications

#10) Rewriting of history

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