John Maguire (YouTube Audio 43:41)TheOldScientist Thomas Imlauer: Scalar-Wave Theory, Zero-Point Technology, and Rethinking Nature

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John Maguire

My Interview with Electrical-Engineer and Tesla-Technologist Thomas Imlauer on the topics of Scalar-Wave Theory, Zero-Point Technology, and Rethinking the Natural Order. Online, Thomas operates under the pseudonym TheOldScientist. On both his personal website and YouTube he has posted numerous in-depth videos cataloguing his innovative work/theories. Thomas is also a contemporary/acquaintance of other visionaries in the field including Eric Dollard, Konstantin Meyl, and Jean-Louis Naudin. Reference the Abstracted Outline below for effective skimming:

0.min-5.min: Experience as industrial designer/electrician/IT-manager; Parallel interest in Nikola Tesla/Walter Russell; Dollard/Naudin; Beginnings as an electrical-engineer; Creative impulse in the frontier-science community

5.min-17.min: Tesla Magnifying Transmitter = musical instrument; Longitudinal-Wave dynamics; Transverse-Waves byproduct of L-Waves; Maxwell’s original formulations; Energy flow outside conductors; Meyl’s Potential-Vortex Theory; Super-Luminal Propagation; L-Wave penetration of Faraday-Cages; Dielectric/Near-Field Effects; Verifiable proof of L-Waves; L-Waves in Biological Systems; Zero-Point Field Connectivity; Electro-Smog

17.min-25.min: Asymmetric Systems; Symmetry as an Illusion; Gold-Mean/Ratio; Perception and Aesthetic Beauty in Nature; Sacred Geometry; Human Body as a Harmonic-Resonant Structure; Kepler’s Mysticism; Reconnecting w/ Nature; Paranormal = Normal; Quantum Fluctuations; Casmir Force; Virtual Fields/Pair Production; ZPF = God-Field/Ether; Big-Bang Fallacy; Irreconcilables of BB-Theory; Non-mystical Nomenclature; Electric-Universe Paradigm

25.min-36.min: Ether History; Harold Aspden’s Liquid-Crystal Aether; Resonance and Electromagnetism; Tapping Zero-Point Energy through Resonance; Sympathetic Resonance and Quantum Fluctuations/Virtual Photons; Rethinking Over-Unity; Close-System Myth; Universe = Open-System; Backwardness of Current Energy Systems; COP > 1.0 Systems in Nature

36.min-44.min: LENR/Cold-Fusion; Hot-Fusion Fallacy; Sun Not a Hot-Fusion Reactor; Fallacy of Particle-Accelerators/Colliders/String-Theory; Mathematics vs. Reality; Proprietary-Hierarchies Stunting Free-Energy/Evolution; Wasteful Scientific/Military Spending; Current Work in Foundation/Corporate World Investigating/Evaluating New-Energy Tech; Analysis/Short-Comings of Rossi E-Cat Cold-Fusion Device; Importance of Open-Source Paradigm; Open-Source Distribution/Networking of Free-Energy Devices

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