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Entering the Solution Design Phase
Social Media Event – May update

Dear Innovation Hub members,

“How should NATO use Social Media?” is the question you have been discussing for six weeks.  This online brainstorming was fruitful beyond all expectations!  Your motivation to engage in an expert level exploration of the topic has generated a broad understanding that is now shared among the community.  All the ideas produced have been carefully collected and presented to Allied Command Transformation hierarchy.  They fall under three categories,

-­‐ Opportunity areas : The effects NATO could achieve thanks to Social Media
-­‐ Enablers : What NATO should develop as a result of the Social Media
-­‐ Concerns : What NATO should pay attention to as a result of the Social Media

(You can find a list of these ideas here below)

From this list, the topics deserving immediate further exploration have been identified.  They are :

-­‐ Education and Training through New Media
-­‐ Alternative Command and Control
-­‐ Social Media Users Training

These topics enter now their Solution Design Phase. It means that they will be further explored up to the drafting of focused concept papers. Like the brainstorming, this work will be collaborative and conducted online. The online platform has been adapted for this phase. When you visit it you will easily identify the newly created topic groups. They include the new collaborative document editing function. Feel free to join them at NATO Innovation Hub.

Of course, the other topics are not discarded. They will be addressed in due time, according to their priority. Don’t hesitate to keep discussing them on the open forums as you have been doing it up to now.

In addition, don’t forget that the Innovation Hub is your tool that contains our shared knowledge. Use it to ask any question to the community. Also, you can share your ideas on how to improve the tool under the “innovation” forum.

We really appreciate your contribution, value your knowledge, and enjoy interacting with you. I hope that the result achieved so far is as valuable to you as it is to us; and wish that you will enjoy contributing to the drafting of high value concept papers. Together, we have created a new way to contribute to the design of capabilities for NATO.

I am sincerely extremely grateful to you all,

Eric Pouliquen
Innovation Hub Director

Social Media Event – Brainstorming

Finding Opportunity Areas
1 -­‐ Support to existing Command and Control
2 -­‐ Alternative Command and Control
3 -­‐ Crisis prevention and resolution
4 -­‐ Corporate communication
5 -­‐ Strategic communication
6 -­‐ Measure of effectiveness
7 -­‐ Environment understanding
8 -­‐ Crisis mapping
9 -­‐ Language support
10 -­‐ Cultural Awareness
11 -­‐ Initial entry capability
12 -­‐ Education and training
13 -­‐ Small devices in operation
14 -­‐ Simulation with and of SM
15 -­‐ Key Leaders Engagement
16 -­‐ Collaboration protocols apps
17 -­‐ Cyber domain understanding
18 -­‐ Crowdsourcing of ACT business
19 -­‐ ACT project management
20 -­‐ Coordination in Comprehensive Approach
21 -­‐ Monitoring and Evaluation of reconstruction efforts

22 -­‐ Standardization and interoperability of SM tools
23 -­‐ Strategic framework for the use of SM
24 -­‐ Operators profile and skills
25 -­‐ Measure of effectiveness
26 -­‐ SM operators training
27 -­‐ Internet provision
28 -­‐ NATO narrative
29 -­‐ Cultural change

30 -­‐ SM Security issues
31 -­‐ Internet dependence
32 -­‐ Relationship vs. influence

Phi Beta Iota:  Robert Steele served as an invited participant.

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