SchwartzReport: Government Not Labeling GMO So New Non-Profit Certifiying Non-GMO — Meanwhile, Nanoparticles Entering Food Industry and Harming Blood-Brain Barrier

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schwartz reportI love stories like this. Citizens are beginning to do what our corporate controlled government will not. As this report explains a citizen movement has arisen that Aikidos the issue: Instead of listing GMO, they list No-GMO present. It requires no law to list what you don't have in your food. It's a brilliant idea. It now depends on whether customers make a choice on that basis. If enough of us do, it ! will accomplish the same effect as the law that we have been unable to get through the corrupted Congress.

What it Means to Carry the Non GMO Project Certification
MERLYN SEELEY – Examiner (Houston)

Like the untested introduction of GMOs into the food supply, we have here revealed another animal experiment — with us as the lab rates.  Click through to see the graphs, which are very useful.

Nanoparticles: The Tiniest Toxin
DAISY LUTHER – Activist Post

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