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Excellent search and badly needed PhD thesis that could “write the book” on the role of intelligence in support of peace operations.  The top three living experts are:

MajGen Patrick Cammaert, RN NL (Ret)

Col Jan-Inge Svensson, Land Forces Sweden (Ret)

Dr. Walter Dorn, CA

Others including Robert Steele have a great deal to contribute to aspects of the research.  A proper study has never been done, and a book that is oriented toward and useful not just to the UN, which is a mess, but also to NATO, the EU, China into Africa, etcetera, would be most valuable.

The hardest part of dealing with peacekeeping is similar to the challenge that the US Special Operations Command and its renewed emphasis on White SOF faces: it is not possible to create a prosperous world at peace through preventive measures at the tactical levels, if the strategic level is totally corrupt and WANTS war.  The Western system we have in place right now is a “war-based” system of, by, and for the banks and the 1%.  Even the economic “treaties” and agreements are war-based in their motivation (persistent under-market access to resources) and war-typed (secret, corrupt, predatory).

Waging peace cannot be achieved by reforming the present structures.  A transformation is required.  This makes it an ethical, financial, and intellectual challenge of the first order.

Hence, a proper PhD would address  the four levels of analysis:

Strategic:  What are the obstacles today to creating a prosperous world at peace through peaceful preventive measures including such things as an honest development bank (instead of the World Bank), a universal commitment to total transparency in all economic transactions, and free cell phones and educational call centers for the five billion poor?  To truly understand the decrepitude of the United Nations and the Western system of perpetual war, one has to understand that peace is anathema to the system, and war is how the 1% make their money.  One also has to understand that the entire Western news media and all think tanks are corrupt to the bone — they do what they do so badly precisely because they are NOT supposed to be informing the public.  They are “noise.”  So how to ramp up public intelligence in the public interest?  This section would also itemize the peaceful preventive measures that could be undertaken, at very low cost, to achieve a prosperous world at peace.  Included in this section would be the need for an utterly ruthless secret counterintelligence service, one that must include the Chinese and Russians, and one capable of carrying out summary executions of individuals that decline to obey “cease and desist” orders from an international authority (similar to the International Tribunal but focused on indictments and issuing these orders with death as the summary judgment if disobeyed).  We are long overdue for sidelining the well-intentioned but totally incoherent Americans and getting this right.

Operational:  What are the lessons learned from the many failures in coalition operations, particularly with respect to training, equipping, and organizing forces for both peaceful preventive measures (e.g. the USA has no surge capability for peace-building, neither do most other nations, less China, which focuses in that area), and with respect to multinational information-sharing and sense-making that is effective in real-time as well as in relation to historical and cultural knowledge retrieval, and whole systems holistic analytics with true cost economics and full life cycle evaluations of future cost, future return on investment.

Tactical:  What is the best way to “blanket” an area with a multi-layered peace operation that includes eyes in the sky, peace from above deliveries of geospatially-accurate parachute loads, overt and covert observation posts, religious human faith-based diplomacy teams, distributed web cams, wide area cell phone monitoring and text 114/119 services as invented by Robert Steele (114 provides direct observations to the fusion center, 119 warns of attack and “bounces” after verification to all cell phones in the affected area), and so on.  Peace support operations at the tactical level should be about information-sharing, multinational and multi-tribal stakeholder sense-making, and the development of courses of action, including a massive global to local range of gifts table that literally showers households by name with exactly what they need when they need it, harnessing the charity power of the 80% of the one billion rich that do not donate to charity now, considering most charities, including the Red Cross, to be corrupt and unable to deliver more than 20% of donor-dollars to needy recipients.

Technical:  General Cammaert and Dr. Dorn have made important advances in these areas, but this is precisely where most governments and corporations (e.g. IBM) are NOT focused.  Examining the implications of Open Source Everything (OSE) for creating peace and prosperity is one starting point.  Examining the peacekeeping information tool-kit that Dr. Dorn is developing is another.  Being able to demonstrate the return on investment for specific procurements, including long-haul air, logistics  innovations that allow very rapid transfer of pallets from long-haul air to short-haul air (both landing and para-delivery), and so many other things a technical annex to the PhD is recommended, would all be good.  There is a huge strategic aspect in the technical domain: we must liberate all technologies that have been “locked up” to protect inefficient and costly (profitable for the few) technologies, particularly those with respect to agriculture (eliminate pesticides, restore natural ecologies), energy, health (natural), and water.

Each of the levels above has a very weak literature.  Most of this would be totally original work harvesting human knowledge face to face, starting with the formation of advisory panels for each of the levels, and a measured process of determining who knows, what exists, what does not exist, and what merits further study.  Phi Beta Iota will put all of its considerable human resources in the service of such a PhD.

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Richard Wright: Washington Post – No Memory on Iraq & No Integrity on Iran

SchwartzReport: Treason within USA Elections — From Nixon Killing 20,000 in Viet-Nam to Florida and Ohio to Karl Rove’s Nine Ways and Twelve Amigos

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Berto Jongman: Video Dr. Johan Galtung at World Peace Academy

Dolphin: Liberia President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Wins Indira Gandhi 2012 Prize for Peace, Disarmament, & Development

Michael Ostrolenk: Grover Norquist vs. the Pentagon

Who’s Who in Peace Intelligence: Colman McCarthy

Who’s Who in Peace Intelligence: Col Ted Westhusing, USA (RIP)

Yoda: New Pope — Argentine, Trained in Philosophy & Psychology


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