Dolphin: Electricity Into Fuel and Water Remediation

05 Energy, 12 Water

A technology proposed to ARPA-E uses electricity to convert natural gas to high octane gasoline, specialty chemicals, and hydrogen in a single process efficiently powered by electricity. The electricity can be generated by efficient turbines. The conversion reactors are modular and can be placed near pipelines in units which can be scaled as needed. Each modular unit using 1 megawatt of energ can produce 50 barrels of gasoline and approximately equal volume of hydrogen. This can provide fuel for transportation, electricity generation and hydrogen from natural has which can be piped from Somalia's natural gas resources.

The electron beams provide very high wall plug efficiency making the process very profitable. $1 a gallon based in today's market price, including operation and maintenance, not including capital costs.
If biomass is added to the process a portion of the output will be diesel and jet fuel.
The high energy electron beam technology works by modifying the hydrocarbon polymers. These devices can be used to remediate water at high speed as they generate massive free radicals which cut all carbin bonds, killing all organisms in water, sewage and sludge. A pilot plant funded by the EPA was operating successfully for many years in Miami, Florida.

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