NIGHTWATCH: Syria as a Mess Made by Saudi Arabia

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Syria: Today Syrian Information Minister al-Zohbi replied to yesterday’s rant by the Saudi Foreign Minister, Saud al Faisal. Al-Zohbi said, “The violence in Syria is being caused by Saudi arms, Saudi money and terrorists linked to Saudi Arabia.” He also said that Saud al Faisal had blood on his hands.

Syria’s Al-Baath newspaper said al Faisal is “crazy” and that “Faisal’s statements… prove not only that he has become senile and out of touch with reality, but that the Wahhabi regime is falling apart.”

Comment:  The Syrian Minister did not blame the West for the uprising, curiously,

In Feedback a Brilliant and perceptive Reader pointed out that the fighting in Syria is about power and regional leadership as much as it is about sectarian dominance. The Baath government in Damascus is the proxy for Iran. Its survival advances Iran’s claim to be the regional hegemon and is a major setback to Saudi Arabia’s claim.

The Syrian opposition is the proxy for Saudi Arabia which is determined to resist Iranian inroads in the Arab world as much as it resists the spread of Shiite Islam. Saudi Arabia is making a major commitment in Syria to block Iran and stands to lose much clout if the Baathist regime in Damascus lasts.

The Turks attempted to make the leadership power struggle triangular, but the demonstrations seem to have helped undermine the Turkish bid.

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