Robin Good: Curation with Noowit

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Robin Good
Robin Good

Noowit is a new curation and publishing platform that allows you to do on the web something very similar to what Flipboard allows you to do with your smartphone or tablet. You can curate a beautiful-looking web magazine, by selecting content from its internal news discovery engine or by clipping any content you find on the web with the dedicated NOOWIT bookmarklet.

On the backend you can select individual topics, authors and specific sources you want to subscribe to, to keep yourself informed. You can provide specific RSS feeds or import your collection of RSS subscriptions.  You can create multiple content sections inside a magazine and when you add new content you can easily decide in which section it is going to end up.  A swift navigation scheme provides almost seamless integration between the excerpted content that appears in the magazine and the full, original resource that you can navigate to without losing touch with the rest of the magazine.  NOOWIT magazines can be set to be public or private and they can be viewed across devices and screen of all sizes.  Like on Flipboard it is now possible to edit, modify or add to content that you pick and select to be added to your magazines.

My comment: NOOWIT easily creates great-looking digital magazines of your selected articles and resources. It is a great tool for anyone wanting to create easily a “splashy” curated digital magazine that looks great across devices with the minimum effort possible.

Private beta:


Example I created:

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