Worth a Look: 15-17 December 2013 New York City Global Summit introducing the Reclaim Movement and the Open Source Imperative

#OSE Open Source Everything, Worth A Look

global summitIn the new global economy, innovation happens in diverse sectors.

More than an event, The Global Summit is a Catalyst for Collaboration throughout the Year.

The Global Summit series is a citizen-driven solution-making forum crowd-sourcing the most effective social and technological innovations for a sustainable future – an opportunity to create rippling social and economic impact.

Facilitated by US 501c3 tax-exempt organization, Empowerment WORKS (EW) since 2007, The Global Summit (TGS) was launched in San Francisco, CA in 2008. Uniting people hands-on, and online in shaping solutions to the issues that most affect them, The Global Summit advances a whole system approach to social, economic and environmental change.

The Global Summit

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