Berto Jongman: Did Israel Bypass Russians with Submarine Missile Attack on Syria Last Night?

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

Did an Israeli Dolphin submarine just bypass the Russian S-300 batteries in Syria ?

Editor’s Note…

Semi-official reports in the recent 36 hours describe a mysterious blast in a Syrian arms depot in the city of Latakia ,located well within the Allawite enclave in North Western Syria. FSA sources claimed responsibility for the blast, but western observes cast doubts on these claims due to the geographical and tactical constraints. According to some estimations the blasts were caused by missiles arriving from the western direction, that is from the Mediterranean sea. This would suggest that if the Israelis are behind this event, they may have used an undetectable maritime platform, like the Dolphin class submarine, to bypass the recently deployed S-300 air defense systems, operated in Syria by Russian teams. Sea skimming cruise missiles are hard to detect, likewise submarine-borne naval commandos conducting nocturnal raids on enemy ports. If so, this would indicate a decision to refrain from risking a confrontation with the Russian military which would surely break out in case of a direct attack on the S-300 batteries. There is no ‘smoking gun’ to support this version yet,but the refusal of Israeli official to comment on this event may suggest a repetition of the standard mode of operation used during the IAF bombing raids on Hezbollah targets and biochemical facilities in Damascus in the recent year: maintaining two-fold plausible deniability which enables both governments (of Israel and Syria) to limit armed clashes to the clandestine level in order to avoid the unpredictable results of a full scale war .

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