Rickard Falkvinge: Sweden Works for NSA Which Works for Israel, Against Russia and Also Europe?

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Rickard Falkvinge
Rickard Falkvinge

Documents: Sweden Wiretapping Russia’s International Traffic For The NSA

Privacy: Earlier documents put in context with recent revelations show that Sweden has been systematically wiretapping Russia on behalf of the United States. This is clear after putting a number of previous questionable agreements and developments in context today. The question that remains is what Sweden gets in return.

Sweden and Israeli Agent of Influence Sign Surveillance Agreement
Sweden and Israeli in US Cover Sign Agreement


Putting it all together, Sweden is wiretapping Russia for the NSA, and has been doing so since the FRA law took effect in Sweden. The FRA agency is continuously wiretapping Russia based on the agreement signed in April, 2007, and sharing the data with the NSA.

In this context, it is no coincidence that Sweden and the UK, as the only two European countries, recently chose to block EU investigations into U.S. wiretapping of European officials and industries.

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Phi Beta Iota:  The photo of Sweden signing an international surveillance agreement with Chertoff, then Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and a known Israeli agent of influence, is outrageous.  This is not just Sweden being a pawn to NSA — this is Sweden being a pawn to Israel using the NSA as a cut-out.

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