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IO Impotency
Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius

Worth a look.

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The ability to rapidly ingest, identify, monitor and exploit relationships, trends and collective thought evolving out of Internet-based social networks will be the most critical analytic capability requirement of the next decade.  The fact that these networks exist in plain sight, are vastly dense, and capable of near instant mobilization of populations represents their most exploitable feature and their greatest challenge.

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Phi Beta Iota:  The information technology complex is just as dumb and just as corrupt as the military-industrial complex.  While we like the general human-centric perspective in the document — and conclude that IBM must have figured out the over-paid for i2 and its not all they expected — the plain fact is that this is yet another case of well-intentioned engineers without a clue trying to find a problem for their solution.  The US information technology industry does some pretty spectacular things, but making sense and saving the world are two of the things that industry does not do.  It’s a shame IBM cannot reconnect to the ethics of the big think, and actually conceive of supporting the World Brain and Global Game that the Earth Intelligence Network has offered up, only to be ignored by all those bent on making money rather than producing intelligence.

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Reference: Expectations of Intelligence in the Information Age, Review by Steele, Wright, Anon & New Link 3.0