Medard Gabel: Eighteen Strategies for Confronting the Major Systemic Problems Confronting Humanity

Earth Intelligence, Peace Intelligence
Medard Gabel
Medard Gabel

Bottom line: for one third of what we spend on war, we can eradicate all ten high level threats to humanity.

What We Have and What We Want
Synergies of the Whole
1. Eliminate Starvation and Malnourishment
2. Provide Health Care & AIDS Control
3. Provide Shelter
4. Provide Clean Safe Water
5. Eliminate Illiteracy
6. Provide Clean, Safe Energy: Efficiency
7. Provide Clean, Safe Energy: Renewables
8. Retire Developing Nations Debt
9. Stabilize Population
10. Prevent Soil Erosion
11. Stop Deforestation
12. Stop Ozone Depletion
13. Prevent Acid Rain
14. Prevent Global Warming
15. Remove Landmines
16. Refugee Relief
17. Eliminating Nuclear Weapons
18. Build Democracy
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Here is a more recent graphic from Medard Gabel:

Phi Beta Iota:  We consider arguments for increasing military spending (especially in Europe) to be completely out of context.  Certainly Europe should increase military spending toward 2% of each country's budget but first Europe and NATO should agree on a strategic analytic model and on a means of planning and creating capabilities that eradicate all ten high-level threats to humanity by harmonizing investments and policies across all twelve core policy domains.

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