Robert Young Pelton: Suing Eric Prince — and Publishing “His” Ghost-Written Book Online Free If He Does Not Pay His Ghost-Writer(s)

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Robert Young Pelton
Robert Young Pelton

“I will be suing Erik and the publisher and putting the entire pre-CIA vetted book online.”

Blackwater Book Flap

Former Navy SEAL Eric Prince faces ghost writer's lawsuit

Jeff Stein

AND Magazine, 11 July 2013

The author of The World's Most Dangerous Places is threatening to take Eric Prince, founder of the notorious Blackwater private security firm, to court.

Robert Young Pelton claims that Prince, a former Navy SEAL who built a fortune from multi-million dollar security contracts with the State Department and CIA, has failed to pay him for work he did ghost-writing Prince's memoir.

And that he's been unceremoniously dumped–without so much as a thank you for your service.

Publisher Penguin Random House announced July 8 that it had signed Prince, whose firm became synonymous with out-of-control private security contractors, for a memoir that one source estimated to be worth $2 million. The announcement did not put a price tag on the deal.

But Pelton, who showed SpyTalk evidence that a manuscript he wrote for Prince drew a $750,000 offer from Penguin only four months ago, claims that he's owed at least something for his work, no matter that he's been left out of the new deal.

Pelton said in a phone interview and emails that he's going to sue Prince in Virginia for $40,000, which represents the time he's put in writing the manuscript, and for damages that could amount to considerably more.

“That $2 million book belongs to me,” Pelton said.

The publisher did not identify Prince's current collaborator.

Read full story by Jeff Stein — some very sad exposure of Prince the chump.

Phi Beta Iota:  We will publish a link to the complete book free online if it comes to that.  Anyone cheating Robert Young Pelton has got to be combining ignorance and arrogance so profound as to defy normal imagination.

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