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Robin Good

Qwant is a new meta-search engine, tapping into the best news, web, video, image and social content sources and allowing you to clip and save your favorite results into topic-specific notebooks. Specifically, Qwant offers for each search you perform, five column of results covering your specified topic: 1) top web results 2) top social results 3) Wikipedia references 4) media results (images and video clips) 5) top products Each of the column can be filtered according to your specific keywords. You can also easily save and archive any such result into your personally created notebooks, which can be made private or public. You can also easily share any content item directly from Qwab to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and you can explore and search public curated search notebooks from other users. Supports 15 languages including French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Turkish, Greek, Hebrew and Russian. Free to use. Try it out now: More info: *see similar tools in the “Search Curation” section of Content Curation Tools Supermap

Qwant Home Page

Phi Beta Iota:  This is way cool and better than DuckDuckGo which is vastly better than Google.  Bing is not even in the running.   The media button is fun and yields very nice results.  The People search is not so cool — using the general search button for people works better.

Qwant Search / NATO Transformation

Qwant Media / NATO Transformation

Qwant Search / Open Source Intelligence

Qwant Media / Open Source Intelligence

Qwant Search / Robert David Steele

Qwant Media / Robert David Steele

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