Stephen E. Arnold: Corruption in Academic Publishing, Microsoft Code Development, and Reuters Insider Trading

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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

Academic Corruption

Judge the Work By Its Quality

This methodology causes false facts to be considered truth. Briggs brings up the “Trust In Science Would Be Improved By Study Pre-Registration” signed by more than eighty signatories and for the scientific community to require pre-registration for publishing before results are in. The idea is that journals would publish whatever the results and reduce the amount of “making a piece publishable” thought processes.  Read full post.

Commercial Corruption I

Flawed Enterprise Information Solutions

It can be hard to get any insider information out of Microsoft, but Ahmet Alp Balkan is a young software engineer working at the aforementioned company. He started working at Windows Azure as an intern and he was hired right after college. Since working there he was learned a lot, much of which he did not glean from college. He tells what he learned about the business world in, “8 Months In Microsoft, I Learned These.” Some of the items he learned are quite startling and others will not even make you blink. For instance, everyone learns at some point that they are working for someone else to earn their paycheck, they also have to step outside their specialty comfort zones, getting the job done, is the most important, and the latest upgrades are usually skipped.

What is alarming is this:

“Expect no documentation in corporations. I have seen the knowledge inside the company is mostly transferred by talking and hands-on sessions. Some parts of knowledge base generated are only emailed and not saved anywhere permanent. This is not how the information flows in the digital world. There are certain people, if they got hit by a bus, nobody can pick up their work or code. And it is okay. If this would have been my own company there would be tons of wiki pages.”

Also the mentality that it is  more about what you sell rather than what you do that matters. Money speaks and makes the world go around. This mentality demonstrates how corporate America has the blinders on. Is this an explanation about why there are some enterprise information solutions that are flawed? Or maybe why some search applications suck? Can anyone else say narrow-minded and lack of the big picture?

Commercial Corruption II

Pay a Fee To Get Early Trade Info

According to CNBC in the article, “Thomson Reuters Gives Elite Traders Early Advantage,” Thomson Reuters and the University of Michigan are cashing in on early trade information. Here is how it works: Thomson Reuters collects data via its news agency and the University of Michigan applies its well-known economic statistic to the data. Together they sell the information to an elite group of traders two seconds before it is officially released. There is more than enough time in the digital age for traders to respond and take appropriate action. Reuters does have to pay Michigan a bit to a cool million a year.  …  Reuters has not responded on how much its clients are paying for the package. Even if the deal is legal, it sounds like a bunch of insider trading. How long before these bought seconds do become illegal?  Read full post.

Phi Beta Iota:  Corruption is like sand in the gears of a complex delicate machine.  Information corruption is the equivalent of toxic blood in the lifestream of humanity.

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