Anthony Judge: Sensing Epiterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)

Extraterrestial Intelligence
Anthony Judge
Anthony Judge

Sensing Epiterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)

Embedding of “extraterrestrials” in episystemic dynamics?

Indicative prefixes: contrasting “epi” with “extra”
Searching otherwise for “epiterrestrials”
Potential implications of category theory
Implications of category theory for social networking and interrelationships
Dynamic insensitivity of the natural sciences
Phenomenological implications of “fundierung” for “epi-thinking”
Clues to the nature of “epiterrestrials” from usage of the “epi” prefix?
Comparison of “epi” with other potentially indicative prefixes
Potential insights from an “episystemic” perspective
Re-cognizing “supernatural”: superstition as superposition?
Embodiment of extended intelligent identity in time
Correspondences: “epi”, Euler identity, and sexual dynamics?
Re-cognizing “human” in an “epiterrestrial” context

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