Worth a Look: Routledge Companion to Intelligence Studies — Shipped Today, Pre-Order for 29 August 2013 Fulfillment from Amazon

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Amazon Page

The publisher shipped this book today, it will be released at Amazon from 29 August, but can be pre-ordered from today.

The Routledge Companion to Intelligence Studies provides a broad overview of the growing field of intelligence studies.

Part I: The Evolution of Intelligence Studies

1. The Development of the Field of Intelligence Studies, Loch Johnson

Part II: Abstract Approaches to Intelligence

2. Theories of Intelligence, Michael Warner
3. Cultures of Intelligence, Mark Phythian
4. Philosophy, theory and Intelligence, Jennifer Sims
5. Strategists and Intelligence, Gerald Hughes
6. The Cycle of Intelligence, David Omand
7. The Evolving Craft of Intelligence, Robert David Steele

Part III: Historical Approaches to Intelligence

8. Signals Intelligence, Julian Richards
9. Human Intelligence, Len Scott
10. Economic Intelligence, Peter Davies
11. Technical Intelligence, Matthew Aid
12. Open Source Intelligence, Stevyn Gibson

Part IV: Systems of Intelligence

13. United Kingdom, Michael S. Goodman
14. United States, Stephen Marrin
15. Canada, Andrew Brunatti
16. Australia, Frank Cain
17. France, Pierre Lethier
18. India, Rudra Chaudhuri
19. China, Nick Eftimiades
20. Japan, Ken Kotani
21. Israel, Uri Bar-Joseph
22. Germany, Anna Daun
23. Russia, Reginald Brope
24. Spain, Ruben Arcos

Part V: Contemporary Challenges

25. Terrorism and Asymmetric Opponents, Neal Pollard and John Sullivan

26. Cybersecurity, Dave Clemente
27. Globalisation and Borders, Richard Aldrich and Zakia Shiraz
28. Weapons of Mass Destruction, James Wirtz
29. Energy, Food and Resources Security, Petra Dolata
30. Intelligence Liaison, James Walsh
31. Communications, Privacy and Identity, Robert Dover
32. Intelligence Oversight and Accountability, Claudia Hillebrand
33. Organised Crime, Peter Gill

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