Owl: Muckety Maps — One Example, Sale of 15 Ambassadorships for Average of $500,000 Each

Corruption, Government
Who?  Who?
Who? Who?

Create Interactive Maps to Explore the Connections Between the Rich and Powerful with Muckety

A wonderful, cool and richly educational tool, and for free. The rich and powerful don’t exploit, manipulate and strip the economy all by themselves. They do so with others, benefiting themselves by networking with others who are like themselves in various ways.This tool lets you see who is on their “team”! You can also explore connections between organizations, too.

“Welcome to Muckety, where interactive maps enable you to explore relationships of the rich, powerful and connected. We list top government and political figures, as well as board members of Fortune 1000 companies, major nonprofits and influential colleges. We show lobbyists, political contributors, Hollywood celebs and pop culture icons. Occasionally, we even map fictional characters such as Harry Potter.”


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