SchwartzReport: LIES by Banks, Corporations, & Government — This is “Business As Usual” in the USA

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schwartzreport newRecently Ronlyn and I moved our banking from Bank of America; it has been an incredibly time consuming process. Starting a banking relationship in the post 9/11 world we discovered, particularly if one receives money from non-US sources, as I do from foreign publishers of my books, and from lecture fees, took six hours of paperwork. Amazing experience. We did this for one reason: the incredibly unethical behavior of BoA. We felt that we could not ban! k with a corporation that behaved as BoA has. Here is an example of what I mean.

Your Mortgage Documents Are Fake!
DAVID DAYEN, Contributing Writer – Salon

The most pernicious effect of Fracking is its potential to poison underground aquifers. In spite of that the corporations that control this desperate technology, fully supported by their governmental vassals, are doing everything in their power to sell their right to make obscene profits to an ignorant and gullible public. Here is a good assessment of what is going on, and I urge you to click through a! nd look at the map that accompanies this story.

Govt, Energy Industry Accused of Suppressing Fracking Dangers
JARED METZKER – Inter Press Service

Phi Beta Iota:  The truth as any cost lowers all other costs UNLESS you are corrupt and can externalize the costs to the public while reserving the profits to a select few.  That is “the American way” at this time.

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