SchwartzReport: South America Rising + New World Order II Meta-RECAP

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schwartzreport newThe America media, like a long chain of administrations, never really seems to understand the South American psyché, in all of its national complexity, nor what is going on there. So there is very little coverage or attention, and what there is trades in stereotypes and shallow commentary. In contrast I think the nations of our Southern Hemisphere, are undergoing an extraordinary transition, which constitutes one of the most interesting geopolitical developments going on. As you read this keep in mind Uruguay's recent legalization of marijuana.

Ecuador’s President Denounces Chevron As ‘Enemy of Our Country’
Agence France-Presse (France)

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Phi Beta Iota:  The most talented US diplomat for Western Hemisphere matters, Arturo Valenzuela, quit over the arrogance and ignorance of the US Government with respect to South America.  Others have suggested that the pivot to Asia is  ignorant and ill-advised, and that an hour-glass (see graphic) is a much sounder approach — it is also consistent with John Boyd's vision and the notion of a defense strategy.  The White House has gone from a National Security Advisor who was a public relations shill, to a National Security Advisor who has never held a job in the real world.  This bodes ill for 2014 across all fronts.

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