Bearden & Koskinas ON AFGHANISTAN + RECAP

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Milt Bearden
Milt Bearden

Milt Bearden

HIST 11 July 2011 Don’t Be Spooked by Pakistan

HIST 1 Oct 2009 TESTIMONY to SFRC “The War in Afghanistan, The Regional Effects”

HIST 9 April 2009 Obama’s War

HIST March/April 2009 Curse of the Khyber Pass

HIST Nov/Dec 2001 Afghanistan Graveyard of Empires

Ioannis Koskinas
Ioannis Koskinas

Ioannis Koskinas

2013-08-01  The U.S.-Afghan game of “Chicken”

2013-07-10  Taliban talks: A dangerous distraction for Afghanistan

2013-06-14 with Kamal Alam: Reconciliation foolosophy: Fishing without bait

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