Preston James: 35 Things the Ruling Cabal Tries to Conceal from the Public

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Preston James
Preston James

35 Things the Ruling Cabal Does Not Want You to Know

The advent of the worldwide Internet is proving to be the undoing of this Cabal’s previous near complete lock on the truth.


35.The Ruling cabal’s greatest secret is that they are unable to infect and control those Americans who refuse to violate the Golden Rule (except in self-defense) know and keep a strong commitment to the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and refuse to be compromised or accept the lies and evil of the Ruling Cabal or its representatives or agents. They know that if more 12% of the people fully wake up they are finished, and we are at 10% now pushing 11%. Yes, research suggests 12% is a major societal tipping point and once reached, it’s bye-bye time for the ruling cabal eventually, one way or another.


This recent flap over the big government lie that Assad used poison gas against the Syrian people is a great opportunity to see this newly emerging world populism work.The CMMM has been broadcasting 24/7 that Assad did it and most of the alternative media on the Internet Has claimed just the opposite, that US, Israeli & Saudi financed and supported Al Cia Duh has been responsible. Ron Paul is arguing differently.

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