Eagle: The Truth About the Cabal

Cultural Intelligence
300 Million Talons...
300 Million Talons…

The Truth About the Cabal

I “woke up” in 1977, and one of the side effects of this was being able to “read” the “script” of the dark forces of domination, hatred, greed and chaos on this planet. I watched as they mesmerized populations through all forms of media. This mesmerizing hypnosis focused the human subconscious on being insatiable consumers, making fun of other people, and then it grew and grew into the weaving of sex and violence, and of making all kinds of guns seemingly romantic or powerful. It grew to create heroes of killers and spies. It’s purpose was to create as much fear and separation, as much alienation and despair as was possible through the illusion of image and sound repeated and repeated until it was programmed in to the layers of human consciousness. This all served to drain the life force of truth within humanity and put people soundly and profoundly to sleep. It was a brilliant way to try to diffuse the profound energies of Love and Light which were pouring forth from the Realms of Light and from the Source of All That Is for the timetable; which was a cosmic, universal, galactic and planetary timetable of increased consciousness, light, love, and enlightenment for all of humanity and in fact, for all worlds everywhere.

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