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IO Deeds of War, IO Impotency
Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

Bikes versus Cars: Politics Of….

Bitcoin and Snowden

Building a More Secure Internet

Culture and Extremism

Evading NSA is Simple – Avoid the Internet

Every Nuclear Missile an Accident Waiting to Happen

FBI and Silk Road Intrusion

Gmail extension aims to drown NSA in nonsense

MI-5 New Chief Public Speech Critically Reviewed

Need for New Mathematics of Complex Data

NSA is NOT Foiling Terror Plots

Operation Terror to Screen on 19 October

Spy Who Came In From the Code

Wisdom of the Crowd

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Phi Beta Iota:  An anthropologist in Afghanistan — one that actually speaks the language with near native fluency and can get out and talk to real people — is worth vastly more in tangible contribution to understanding than all of NSA and most of CIA.  Both sound and unsound intelligence suffers from a lack of strategy and a policy network that is deaf, dumb, blind, and morally challenged. The public is being distracted by the cyber-nonsense.  Nothing NSA or CIA (or NGA, NRO, and DIA)  do actually contributes to the public interest [doing the wrong thing righter is a success only if you have no clue what the right thing is — wrong things done right are unaffordable, unsustainable, and toxic to the future of the USA and of humanity].  The USA would be better off with an Open Source Agency (OSA) chartered to support Whole of Government decision-making (across strategy, policy, acquisition, operations) with special nodes in Italy for NATO, in Tampa for SOCOM, and in each regional theater where it would be co-located with and in direct support of new military information support task forces modeled after MISTF-A.  As the new concepts and doctrine for IO develop, it will become understood that the first Target Audience is one’s own chain of command and one’s own public, with one huge caveat: only the truth will do, and decision-makers must be measured — and discarded — on the basis of whether or not they can handle the truth instead of sucking down the poisoned kool-aid.  No amount of excellence in the field can overcome a dishonest White House and an arrogant ignorant politicized Congress — the center of gravity for 21st Century IO is the public with the end-state being an engaged public that will not tolerate moral and intellectual ineptitude in positions of power acting on behalf of the public.

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