NATO WATCH: Afghanistan “Zero Option” and More…

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nato watchIn this July-September 2013 edition:

NATO Watch Editorial: ‘Zero Option' for Afghanistan – a realistic possibility?

Review Article: The Taliban at war: inside the Helmand insurgency, 2004–2012

News, Commentary & Reports: Afghanistan-Pakistan; Arctic Security; Arms Control; Counter-Terrorism; Cyber Security; Defence Budgets; Drones; Energy Security; Enlargement and Partnerships; Exercises; Kosovo; Libya; Mali; Maritime Security; Missile Defence; NATO Military Committee & International Military Staff; NATO-Russian Relations; Nuclear Weapons; R2P; Scottish Independence; Syria; Transatlantic Cooperation; Transparency & Accountability

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Security News from NATO Member States: Albania; Belgium; Bulgaria; Canada; Czech Republic; Estonia; France; Germany; Greece; Hungary; Iceland; Italy; Latvia; Lithuania; Netherlands; Norway; Poland; Romania; Slovenia; Spain; Turkey, UK, USA

End Word: National Security Secrecy and the Right to Know

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NATO Watch conducts independent monitoring and analysis of NATO and aims to increase transparency, stimulate parliamentary engagement and broaden public awareness and participation in a progressive reform agenda within NATO.

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