Rickard Falkvinge: US Corporations Lie, Abuse, and Ignore European Privacy Data Regulations

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Rickard Falkvinge
Rickard Falkvinge

US Corporate “Safe Harbor” For European Private Data Lied About, Abused, Ignored; Europarl Calls For Immediate Scrapping

Posted: 09 Oct 2013 01:57 AM PDT

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Privacy – Henrik Alexandersson:  US corporations routinely ignore and abuse the strict privacy rules of European private citizen data, which they have accessed under the “safe harbor” agreement of the European Union. This surfaced in this week’s Europarl hearing on mass surveillance, causing the European Parliament’s rapporteur to call for a complete scrapping of the safe harbor arrangement right in the middle of the hearing. This is a further erosion of already-brittle trust in privacy respect by the United States.

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