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schwartzreport newBAD NEWS:

Democrats and Republicans alike, for different reasons, have conspired to corrupt the safety of America’s food system. Here is some truth about this subject.

Analysis of Impact of Pew Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production Finds Administration and Congress Have Exacerb
John Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health

Here is even more about Fukushima. Click through to see the very important animated maps. Also click through to see the hot links that will take you to the research sites that support the claims made in this report. Ronlyn and I are going to get a geiger counter, and we will have to stop eating locally sourced fish, mussels, and clams.

Arctic Temperatures at 44,000-year High Because of Greenhouse Gases
Aljazeera America


Here is some good news that speaks directly to our failing educational system. There are alternatives that work.

How a Radical New Teaching Method Could Unleash a Generation of Geniuses

This is very good news, but also an example of what I have been predicting for five years: the rise of bi-region collaborations, in the face of the failure of the Federal government to address climate change, and an example of the growing Schism Trend. As I said, this is good news for the West Coast, and it is going to result in another growing dif! ference between the Red value states and the Blue value states, with the former falling further and further behind. In Virginia and North Carolina Theocratic Rightist politicians have literally outlawed even the use of words like climate change in state government documents.

Climate Change Pact Signed by California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia
PAUL ROGERS – San Jose Mecury News

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