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schwartzreport newA Modest Proposal to Neutralize Gerrymandering

Bernie Sanders: Americans Vote for the Lesser of Two Evils
JONATHAN TASINI – Reader Supported News/Payboy

Blow to Multiple Human Species Idea
MELISSA HOGENBOOM, Science Reporter – BBC News (U.K.)

Huge GMO News
Ocean Robbins – The Huffington Post

Japanese Farmers Producing Crops and Solar Energy Simultaneously
Institute of Science in Society

New York is Drowning in Bribes and Corruption
PAM MARTENS – Counter Punch

The Ocean Is Broken
GREG RAY – THe Newcastle Herald (Australia)

US Court: Transcanada’s Keystone XL Profits More Important Than Environment
STEVE HORN – Truthout

U.S. Races to Salvage Critical Antarctic Research Lost to Shutdown

World Ocean Systems Undermined by Climate Change by 2100

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