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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

Open Source Vocabulary Server Updates Software

Posted: 30 Sep 2013 05:02 PM PDT

Open source most likely has a solution for all of your software needs, including a vocabulary server to manage controlled taxonomies, thesauruses, and, of course, vocabularies. The great news is that one exists and it is called TemaTres. Some open source software has the misfortune of never being updated by its developers, but it was recently updated, “TemaTres 1.7 Released: Now With Meta-Terms And SPARQL Endpoint.”

Here is what you can expect in the newest release:

· Now you can have a SPARQL Endpoint for your TemaTres vocabulary. Many thanks to Enayat Rajabi!!!

· Capability to create and manage meta-terms. Meta-term is a term to describe others terms (Ej: Guide terms, Facets, Categories, etc.). Can’t be use in indexing process.

· New standard reports: all the terms with his UF terms and all the terms with his RT terms.

· Capability to define custom fields in alphabetical export

· New capabilities for TemaTres API: suggest & suggestDetails,

· Fixed bugs and improved several functional aspects.

Most of the changes came in part from the dedicated TemaTres community who helped diagnosed what needed to be fixed and offered ideas for improvement. If only the rest of the open source community could follow TemaTres’s example.

Whitney Grace, October 05, 2013

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