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Cultural Intelligence, Peace Intelligence
Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

BIG IDEA: 13 Year Old Radically Improves Solar Panel Efficiency with Design

BIG IDEA: We have to learn Chinese – many core Chinese concepts do not translate

CRIME: Corporate Orgy of Thieves

CRIME: Mainstreaming Sexual Perversion

CYBER: Coming tech lash

CYBER: NSA Goal to Master Cyber Intelligence

CYBER: NSA SIGINT Strategy 2012-2016

CYBER: Surveillance threatens web

DATA: Missing data — why most models are empty fluff

DRONES: Pakistan ISI Lists Drone Victims

IRAN: Al Jazeera with Seven Questions Beyond the Nuclear Deal

IRAN: Cordesman opines

IRAN: Cyber capabilities

SPYING: Singapore and South Korea Silent Partners with Five Eyes

SPYING: True Cost of Unintelligence Intelligence (Gareth Evans)

TERROR: Anjem Choudary & al-Muhajiroun in UK

WAR: Where have all the peace treaties gone?


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