David Sabow: Betrayal – Toxic Murder of USMC Personnel and Their Families

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David Sabow
David Sabow


In 1985 when TCE was found in several agricultural wells off of El Toro, Camp Lejeune on the East coast was forced to close down wells contaminated with TCE and other contaminants.  As many as one million veterans and their dependents were exposed to Lejeune’s contaminated wells over 30 years (1953-1987).  Congressional hearings and the testimonies of veterans and dependents pressured Congress to pass health care without any provision for disability compensation for Lejeune’s survivors.  El Toro closed in 1999 and sold at public auction in 2005 is not on anyone’s radar.

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At El Toro, over 40 years of water distribution engineering drawings and original well construction drawings are missing while the Navy and Corps support a fabrication that the base wells were abandoned over 60 years ago for municipal water—a scarce commodity in arid Southern California.  The base wells were more likely than not still secured to El Toro’s water distribution system in 1985 when the Orange County Water District found TCE contaminated agricultural wells on and off the base.  In 1986, El Toro at considerable expense had an agricultural and engineering firm redraw the entire set of water distribution engineering drawings.  No base wells were in the 1986 engineering drawings.

BETRAYAL, self-published on Amazon  was written by two former El Toro Marines, Robert O’Dowd, investigative reporter and Tim King, photo/journalist, war correspondent, and Executive News Editor of Salem-News.com.

Phi Beta Iota: Dr. David Sabow has been seeking the truth — and justice — in relation to his brother's murder, by Marines at the order of the Commandant or Assistant Commandant of the Marine Corps — for over 20 years. His web site on this topic is Col James Sabow USMC Murder Book. There is no greater betrayal to a veteran than to have one's “leaders” turn out to be traitors and criminals. We favor truth and reconciliation, not vengeance, for the simple reason that the sooner all Marines understand how corrupt their leadership has been, the sooner we can begin to restore the integrity of the US Marine Corps.  Today, that integrity is non-existent. The great crimes of the 1990's and early 2000's may no longer be in vogue, but today the (Aviation) Commandant of the US Marine Corps presides over the most corrupt worthless aviation program in US Marine Corps history.  Integrity? Not to be found in the senior ranks of the US Marine Corps.  Not today.  Not anytime soon. We so desperately need pervasive honest counterintelligence in DoD. Integrity. Never to late to worship that word.

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